Google Insecure Site Warning Message - From January 2017

To push more websites to implement encryption and to better protect users, Google will start flagging plain HTTP connections as insecure in its popular Chrome browser. 

The plan will go into effect in January 2017 with the release of Chrome 56

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We have been working hard to ensure that we can provide a good solution for this. 

We are now providing secure SSL web hosting for all websites on our standard hosting plans and above.  (with no additional costs). 

We redirecting all traffic to the secure version of those websites, if you have set the https URL in your primary contact details page. .

The solution we have built requires no customer communications, no CSRs and nothing technical to worry about. So long as an standard http website is live on our servers, then we can upgrade it to https. 


You should upgrade to the RRP $25/month standard plan or above, so you can get an https website, and prevent your customers receiving that warning message.  

Also, you need to check that the https version of your website does not have any https warning messages, please read this blog

Then login to the CMS, and change your primary URL to the https version. 


This is most imporant for ecommerce websites, or any website with a form that is collecting personal information, including enquiry forms. Essentially if there is a form, google will say the form is insecure.

You can choose not to do anything, and the website will still be accessible. You may just loose some traffic due to the warning, and your google rank may decrease. 


There are no costs for SSL certificates, or Certificate renewals. We have built an automated solution and will be absorbing all costs related to SSL into our premium hosting plans. 

You can choose to have your own SSL certificates installed. The fee for installation of a 3rd party SSL certificate is $100 per creation or renewal event. The fee for an "EV certificate" is $500. An EV certificate puts your name before your web address, and gives customers even greather confidence in ther purchase. 

Read more here: check that the https version of your website does not have any https warning messages, please read this blog

Posted: Tuesday 15 November 2016