November 2016 News


This edition of news has lots of excellent news and updates.

  • New Google Insecure Site Message - SSL UPGRADE
  • $100 "Expert Review" Offer 
  • Websites of the Month 
  • NZ Post / Courier Post - eShip Now Available
  • System updates
  • Professional website design - from only $100
  • How to find great social media content
  • What is website ranking? 
  • 100% Up Time
  • Need training? 
  • Watch Training Videos 
  • Better Broadband & 0800 telephone numbers
  • 25% discount on hosting
  • Start your own business - reseller options
  • Cool links/system links
  • Websites of the month

New Google Insecure Site Message

In January 2017, Google Chrome will be making an update to their web browser to mark all non HTTPS websites as "insecure" as a small message in the address bar.

We have been working hard to upgrade all premium hosting customers to HTTPS hosting for free. If you are not on a premium hosting plan ($40+/month), you should upgrade, especially if you have eCommerce or a form collecting customer data on your website, or even an inquiry form. 

Even if you are on the right web hosting plan, you need to check your website is ready for the automatic SSL upgrade on December 1st this year, by ensuring your website does not contain any insecure 3rd party plugins. 

Special Offer: $100 Expert Review

For just $100 excl gst, we will use all our specialist SEO skills to improve your ranking in google

Offer expires December 15th. 

Get $100 Expert Review Offer 

Websites of the Month

Great photography wins again. Designed by our in house designer Andrew.

And this website was upgraded by Albie, our other in house web designer. The customer had provided a 3rd party template from another platform, and Albie made the template really shine in our CMS platform.  

NZ Post / Courier Post - eShip now available

For those who currently use NZ Post or Courier Post services, you can now use eShip to speed up your label printing and requesting courier pickups. 

System Updates

CMS and POS Links Now Running in HTTPS mode 

All links in the CMS are now running in secure HTTPS mode. Please take note of the new POS links if you currently have the old ones bookmarked. Due to the HTTPS upgrade, some old HTTP content won't be loaded.. Please let us know asap if you find any errors or omissions in our CMS. 

Trial Website View Links  - Short Lifespans

To circumvent phishing scams, and also to prevent search engines indexing your trial websites, we now hide trial website links after about 1 hour of inactivity in the CMS. You can still share your links with friends, but they will need to click the link quickly, or miss out on seeing your great work.  Do not worry if you can't see your trial website, it has not been deleted. You can login to the CMS and restore your trial link instantly. 

Need Professional Help?  

There are professional web designers all over New Zealand, and the World, who can help you customize your website design. Our in house team can offer a tidy up of your website for just $100+GST. Or contact any of our listed web designer for a full website design or makeover quote.  No matter who you use for your website design, your website remains powered by our awesome content management system, so you can easily make updates to your website long term.

Recent Blogs

How To Find Great Social Media Content 

Social media is a fabulous way to get the word out about your business, but the majority of what you post should not be related to your business. Instead it needs to be ‘social’ in a way and engage and entertain your audience. Finding great content can be tricky, which is why many businesses create their content to share on Facebook and other social media sites. But if you are not feeling creative, here are 9 places where you can find ideas for your Facebook or Twitter pages.

What is Website Ranking

Everybody wants to be found by search engines, but many of us are not clear on how it all actually works. How does Google choose which websites to show first? Why is my competitor’s website coming before mine even though we sell the same products? It all has to do with how your website is ranked. Let’s delve deeper into what website rank actually means.

100% Website Up Time

Continuing our 100% published content up time winning streak.

CMS Uptime 99.95%, we'll try and do better. 

Uptime stats provided by

Need one-on-one Website Builder Training?

If you require personalised training, please contact one of our consultants, who are based all over. Several consultants also provide over the phone and web based training at a scheduled time. 

We would encourage all customers to get at least one hour of training at the early stages of building their website, and one more review prior to going live, just to give your website that professional critique, and quick tidy up of the rough bits.

Training topics include:

  • How to use website builder and shopping cart

  • How to design websites

  • How to crop and tidy up photos

  • How to optimise to get your website higher on google and other search engines

  • How to setup a facebook page, or other social media account

  • How to send newsletters

  • How to use any other feature we offer.

Book personalised training here

All New Training Videos

Andrew has been busy making some awesome new training videos, to show you just how easy it is to do some amazing things. If you want him to make more great videos, please email support telling him what a great job he's doing, and what you would like to know more about. 

Clearing your Browser Cache and Publishing

Caching speeds up your computer, but it also causes confusion when viewing changes to your website.  Every web master needs to become familiar with this concept. Almost a third of all our support tickets relate to mis understandings about caching. We can't change the nature of the internet, we only educate.

  • Pressing publish button is neccesary even before you go live. Pressing the publish button allows you to navigate your trial website. When you navigate your trial website, you are actually navigating the published pages in many cases. Only the first page to preview in preview mode usually shows your recent changes. 
  • Your web browser is not aware that you are currently editing your website. The web browser does not undersstand any connection between our website builder CMS, and your website with a completely different URL. You typically need to press REFRESH on your browser to see recent updates. Or you may even need to clear your browser cache.

 Learn more about clearing your browser cache

Faster Broadband, Better Phone Support (NZ Customers)

We have teamed up with the awesome ISP's to offer you some great broadband options. If you have become disgruntled with your current isp, now is the time to get a great bundled broadband offering, including the following ISPs 

  • MyRepublic
  • 2Talk
  • BigPipe

0800 Numbers and Cheaper Tolls (NZ Customers)

Do you need an 0800 number for your business? We think 2talk provide a really awesome service, and it's who we use. For example, you have an 0800 number call your landline first, then your mobile, then your 2IC's mobile to ensure that somone will take the call. Their rates are cheap, and all the value added services can be managed via a web page control panel, so you don't need to wait on hold for any call centers. You can manage your lines fully yourself.

Receive a 25% discount off your web hosting, by referring a friend 

Did you know that if you refer a friend to use our awesome website builder service, you get a 25% discount off your hosting? If you refer 4 friends, then you will essentially get your web hosting for free! Not only that, but your friends will also get their 2nd month web hosting absolutely free. That's a nice little encouragement for them to check our service out and gives us the opportunity to setup your discount. Both discounts apply for your  2nd and subsequent websites also. It doesn't matter if it is yours, a friend, family or a stranger. Discounts begin once both websites are live. Please make sure you or your friend communicates the referral at the earliest opportunity. 

More information about affiliates here

Reseller Options 

We have an awesome new offer for web designers and awesome business networkers. We can setup any web designer who is interested with all they need to get started as a web designer at no cost:

  • There are no setup fees, no contracts to sign.
  • You will earn $2+ on every domain name sold (based on RRP $19 per year). 
  • You will earn (25%-50%) commission on hosting 
  • You can manage all your customers content, domains, emails etc, easily from just 1 login.
  • We take care of all the billing arrangements, so no administrative hassle. 
If you know of anyone who might be interested, point them at our reseller page. We'll offer a $100 finders fee commission for any existing customer who finds us a new reseller who set's up 3+ live websites. Offer expires 28th Feb 2014.

More information on reselling here

Need Help! is at hand...

There are several places you can find answers to questions about how to build your website and add features (which, there are a lot of) and its free for you to look:

If you can't find the answer you need - then get you can Contact - Web Designers or lodge a Support ticket

Cool links

All those links and more at our new toolbox page: 

More Cool Links

View more example websites


Please contact us for more information. 

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