Free Microsoft 360 Hosted Exchange for Charities

Email from Trevor Dwyer of Darwing IT Solutions

Copied with his permission so that our customers can understand the offer for free Office 360 for charities


Hello Reuben,

Microsoft are running a pilot program where eligible charities can get access to Office365 for free or a low costs depending on the license type that you purchase.  The Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits Pilot offer provides eligible organizations with one of two Office 365 plans (E1 and E3) and is based upon organization size.  Pilot plans and pricing may change as new SKUs become available.

Small and Mid-sized Nonprofits (< 3000 seats): 

  • E1 = FREE was $10.20 Per User / Month
  • E3 = NZ$7.40 was $29.50 NZD Per User / Month
  • Commercial plan info is here are here for comparison


Office365 is a very comprehensive solution providing Exchange Server Online, and peered with Sharepoint for Document mgmt. and intranets, and Lync for real time messaging, voice/video and communications. You can find our more on this at:


For eligibility check please complete the below form and email to


Company Name:


Customer Address:


Registered Charity number:


Company website:


Online Service (O365 E1/E3 split)


Number of seats:


Customer contact details:



When received Microsoft will determine your eligibility for access to Office365 via the pilot charity program. This can take up to one week. If you are found eligible you will receive an email with instructions on how to establish your new Office365 service.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.




Trevor Dwyer

IT Support

Darkwing Corporation

021 1999 800

Posted: Monday 8 July 2013


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