New Blog Features

We have added lots of new blog features to ramp up your website with more interactive content.

  1. Multiuser Blogs
    The blogs can be contributed by any "authorised member". Meaning that all members who have registered and been upgraded by the web master, can contribute to the blog. 
  2. Member Blogs
    Any blog, gallery, news, FAQ page can now be co managed by authorised members who are individually assigned via the "Member Admins" area under the "Page Options" tab. Scroll down the tool tips. 
  3. Gallery Blogs
    A new layout for blogs with a focus on the images. The first of these is the multi user gallery blog, great for clubs who want to post photos of their cars or pets. 

New Layouts

All blogs have now been given an archive list, and other recent posts links in a new right column. We include some CSS code below that you can override if you want to do something more or less with the layout.

#cmsBlogContainer {
overflow: hidden;
width: 100%;

#cmsBlogContentsColumn {
width: 72%;
float: left;

#cmsBlogArchiveColumn {
width: 25%;
float: right;

#cmsBlogArchiveColumn ul { list-style: none; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;}
#cmsBlogArchiveColumn li { margin: 5px; }

Posted: Friday 9 December 2011


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