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  • New Default Mobile Template
    The new default mobile template now looks something like this.
    Posted: Tuesday 10 June 2014
  • Responsive Mobile Templates Upgrade Completed
    We have now completed the upgrade of our mobile responsive templates
    Posted: Wednesday 23 October 2013
  • Mobile usage of websites is on the increase with large format mobile phones. We are currently upgrading all our galleries, catalogs, product pages, shopping carts, checkout pages, directory listings, etc etc to use a responsive approach to web design.
    Posted: Tuesday 15 October 2013
  • New Default Mobile Theme
    We have updated the default mobile theme for all websites.
    Posted: Tuesday 7 May 2013 , 1 Comments
  • The progress of mobile apps, those little applications people download and install on their phones, ipads and other mobile devices, are a threat to the common website. Mobile Apps are fast to install and easier to use that their web site equivalents. Will these apps end up replacing our use of the web browser?
    Posted: Wednesday 26 May 2010

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