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JVS Gasfitting Ltd provide residential and commercial gasfitting services throughout Auckland. With over 10 years in business, they take great pride in providing their customers with 5 star customer service. This has flowed through to their website, providing many opportunities for customers to use a contact form to get in touch with them, as well as clearly displaying their contact details in multiple locations.

"Having contact forms on our website makes it extremely easy for our potential customers to send us an email and to ensure they give us the information we require to answer any questions they have."  - Megan, JVS Gasfitting

Using Contact Forms to Increase Customer Conversions

Contact forms are often under valued by website owners. Seen as something that 'messes up' the design of a web page and takes up too much room, contact forms are for many websites an under utilised resource. However, they are an excellent tool for capturing inbound leads.

Traditionally found only on contact pages, many businesses have discovered that providing contact forms on other pages also increases the amount of leads they receive. They provide a way to build customer relationships, facilitate better communication and give you the information you need to follow up with them, such as name, email address and what they are wanting to know or get from your business.


We have many contact forms through out our website to ensure our potential customers can easily see how to contact us or request a quote. There is nothing worse then having to scroll through a website looking for contact information.

Megan, JVS Gasfitting

Contact forms can be edited to only ask for specific types of information you want to receive from a customer. Within our CMS, you can select to use our pre-built contact forms or personalise them to meet your requirements. It's important to remember that contact forms provide customers with another way to contact your business, and with the more ways you have, the better your conversions will be!


I think some people prefer not to call businesses but instead email through their questions to avoid feeling like they might be obligated to book a job in. Also we know people are busy with life and work therefore a quick email is often a lot easier for most.

Megan, JVS Gasfitting

JVS Gasfitting have several contact forms throughout their website collecting customer information, including name, email, phone and room for them to enter their specific enquiry. Once the customer sends the completed form, the contents of it will be directly emailed to the specified email address. This ensures JVS Gasfitting can provide their 5-star customer service by replying promptly to their customers. 

Using a Website for Business Promotion & Contact

One of the key things JVS Gasfitting use their website for is to make it easy for customers to contact them. They do this not only with their contact forms, but also with multiple buttons featuring calls to action and links to their phone number, contact page and email address. But there are also other key reasons and uses for having a business website.


It really is a must for every business to have a website. Having a website not only is a way to have potential clients contact you but it helps showcase who you are and most importantly builds trust. We believe the best way to show our workmanship is to let our previous customers do the talking. 

JVS Gasfitting use their website in multiple ways to promote their Auckland gasfitting business:

  • Testimonials page - while you will find customer testimonials scattered throughout the site, JVS Gasfitting have a dedicated page for them. This is a fantastic way of giving potential customers instant social proof which works the way referrals do, helps build trust and shows credibility, all of which increase conversion rates.
  • Services pages - JVS Gasfitting highlight their four key services on their own individual pages. Each page discusses what the service is and why the customer needs it, with some pages providing information about products and pricing too.
  • About page - the importance of having an about page cannot be overestimated. Here it is used to introduce what the business does, who operates it, reasons why customers should choose their services and provides clear calls to action to contact the business.

Having previously has a website made using WordPress, Megan is very happy to have made the decision to move to Website World. 


 Prior to Website World I used a web developer who would make all changes for me, even simple changes like correcting a spelling mistake. This was very frustrating as I would often have to wait days for changes to be made or the changes would be made but they wouldn't have been done correctly or to my liking. I have now rebuilt our website on my own as the Website World CMS is so simple to use. 

Megan, JVS Gasfitting

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