Recurring Payments, Repeat Payments, Subscription Payments

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Subscription Management

Our ecommerce platform allows a customer to purchase "subscription products" that will set/extend their membership expiry date by the selected period. When the expiry date is near, they are sent an email reminding them to extend their membership. The email and manual payment approach is best suited to membership periods lasting longer than 3 months, however, monthly is an option. 

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are availble with some payment gateways but not all. Please enquire with your payment gateway as to recurring payment options. Our system will initiate the recurring payment, based on the amount of the first order, but will not manage the reconcilation there after. You should use a third party accounting system like Xero to reconcile customer subscription payments.

Paypal and Stripe are good options for accepting fixed/repeat payments on your website. These payment gateways provide a simple button/widget code that we can paste into your website to initiate a recurring payment. Our shopping cart platform is not used with the Paypal / Stripe subscription payments. You should enquire with your payment provider if they provide a similar subscription management system. The difficulty of providing repeat payments is a security/complexity issue.

Repeating Orders

Our ecommerce platform allows a customer to repeat their order, either adhoc, or on a regular interval such as weekly or monthly. This is well suited to ordering fresh food, meal boxes, etc. Where there might be changes with stock/orders week to week. The customers next order is created as a draft, and they can edit it, or cancel it, any time up until the next order date. Customers can setup an automatic payment via using one of the compatible payment providers below, or customers can pay when they receive each invoice (or on account) or you can manage payment reconcilation in a 3rd party accounting system like Xero.

Compatible Automatic Payment Providers

The following payment gateways have been configured with repeat order/billing capability without needing to have customer intervention to approve the payment after the first/initial payment has been approved.

  • WindCave
  • PayMark

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