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Domain Security

We were awarded the "Most Secure Domain Portfolio" by the dot nz registry in 2019, and offer a DNS locking feature to prevent unauthorised changes being made. We also sell and host domains.

No Maintenance Required

There are no plugin or software updates for you to do, as we'll take care of everything. When we update our content management system, you'll automatically receive these free updates too.

Closed Source System

Our platform is closed source, with only authorised persons having access to the source code, keeping your website safer.

Uptime Monitoring

We use monitoring tools to run regular health checks and can resolve any issues urgently., keeping your store available for customers

Free Integrated Point of Sale System

Our integrated POS system makes selling online and in a physical store a breeze. You can use any internet connected device with a web browser, have unlimited users, use any barcode reader or printer and accept any payment option. 

Range of Hosting Plans

We have a range of hosting plans for your online store, starting from just $40 per month. Included with these plans is our free content management and POS systems, email mailboxes and an SSL certificate. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, you can choose your own payment gateways! Currently we have over 25 integrated options for you to pick from.

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