Migrating / Copying / Importing Websites Just Got Easier

We have been working hard on some new website import wizards. These make it easier to move, copy or import your current website into our website platform. This means if you are using WordPress or any other website platform, you can now have it automatically copied, replicated or moved to Website World! This is incredibly exciting for us and our customers!


A new "Copy Website" feature is now available for beta testing by our resellers and advanced users. Typically this process will identify the template and separate the content of the main menu and other pages on your existing site. Then it will create your website framework for you. You can request a website to be imported here: Copy Website.


Following the basic import of a website, a new "search for offsite links" feature will help you import all remaining content. This option is available from the existing search screen. Look for the new tabs in the top right. This process will look across all of your content, and identify any remaining images, PDFs, or new pages that could be imported into our CMS. It may require several scans before all content is identified and imported as it is a repetitive process. Some content on 3rd party websites is best left there. 


Sometimes you just want an easy way to import your products. If you have a spreadsheet with all your product data, including image URLs, then this is the easiest way to import your data. If not, then we now have a new beta testing option to import your products. It works by scrapping your old website, and looking for the product data. This is done one category at a time, but significantly speeds up product loading by ensuring all the meta tags, URLs, and primary product image also comes across. 


You can now import blogs from wordpress by importing your wordpress "posts export" file. You can also import blogs by CSV. 


You can now import any web page from any website by simply specifying the URL to the page. Our system will attempt to detect the content area, and meta tags, and make it easier to import content without losing any SEO benefits. 


If you want to copy a website from our system to another webspace, we can do that for you. Just contact support. 

Posted: Friday 16 March 2018