January Newsletter 2013

Happy New Year to you all - hope the weather has been kind to you in your area. Smells like summer where I am sitting which seems to bring a more positive attitude with its warm breeze. A new year brings new opportunity to us all and, due to the fact the Mayans were a little bit out with their world-ending prediction, we all have to keep working just a little bit longer. I hope you're doing something you love - like we are here at Website Builder - nothing pleases us more than watching new sites go live. I think we are very lucky - we see so much innovation, new ideas and new businesses getting into the online space. We never know which one could be the next Trade Me, Hyperfactory or maybe 42 Below. But we hope its yours.

Good luck this year - may all your ideas be large and go live.

In this issue of Website Builder News, January 2013

  1. New or updating
    • Unleashed integration: update
    • Product options: update
    • Out of stock messaging
    • New fashion-style layout
    • GST reverse calculations
    • Google fonts
  2. Training options
    • Training videos
  3. Quick professional touch ups
  4. Tips and tricks
    • Web statistics
    • Google analytics
    • Cool links
    • System links
  5. Free sites for charity
  6. Start your own Website Business
  7. Help promote Website Builder
  8. Websites of the month

New features & updates

Unleashed integration: update

Testing is well underway now with the full release due shortly. The integration has gone well and we hope you will make use of this very powerful inventory management and multi channel sales tool if your business requires it. It is fully integrated with Xero accounting software as well giving you even more control of your business without the hassle there once was to have all the required information at your fingertips. We are now looking for some Beta testers - and we'll integrate Unleashed for free, with full support for 12 months. Not all businesses will be suitable for our test - but if you are interested in this integration with your website please get in touch with me, Tony, directly. 

If you have a feature you want us to add to our shopping cart or CMS, then please use our Trello page to tell us. You can also vote on suggestions from other users there and see what functionality is most wanted.


Product option level pricing and availability

A few bugs were reported during beta phase testing (which is the whole purpose of testing) and these bugs have been addressed. This update is now operating and is stable. 

This feature allows for the control of pricing and stock availability at the product option level. This is particularly important for the apparel industry who like to present colours, sizes and styles on a single page, but do not always have stock available in every combination. 

Find out more about product options. 

If you have a feature you want us to add to our shopping cart or CMS, then please use our Trello page to tell us. You can also vote on suggestions from other users there and see what functionality is most wanted. 

Out of stock messaging

The ability to customise the 'out of stock' message displayed to users is currently under review. Currently 'out of stock' messaging removes the 'buy' button from display and we are reviewing a change to this functionality. Any change to this might mean that backorder request emails or similar messages can be displayed at the 'add to cart' stage of a purchase so the user could decide what they want to do at that point - and have more options available. If you have any suggestions relating to this please let us know. 

If you have a feature you want us to add to our shopping cart or CMS, then please use our Trello page to tell us. You can also vote on suggestions from other users there and see what functionality is most wanted. 

New fashion-style layout

Work is nearing completion on new fashion industry related templating. The management of products, galleries and how they display when selected by range and in the cart are all areas that are being considered. We expect to have our first fashion site up and and running by the end of this month and look forward to assisting other businesses in this area, or that require products displayed in a similar format. Bigger images and larger galleries means more bandwidth is used so we have yet to analyse what this will do to the site hosting fees - but we will be able to update you soon on this. It always depends on the number and size of the images stored so a bigger range will mean more bandwidth etc.   

We are adding, or updating, templates constantly and do our best to offer a range that works for everyone. If you have any suggestions on template styles or industries you may want us to look at - let us know.

GST reverse calculations 

There have been issues with removing GST ever since it was changed from 12.5% to 15% - ask anyone in the accounting world! We're currently working on some changes to this so GST can be added or removed from your product list much easier - in fact with just a click. Watch this space.

If you have a feature you want us to add to our shopping cart or CMS, then please use our Trello page to tell us. You can also vote on suggestions from other users there and see what functionality is most wanted. 

Google Fonts 

We are currently considering the addition of Google fonts to our offering - but we are cautious. Google have a track record of giving things away in the beginning and then, when they are integrated throughout everyone's world, charging for them. They make their charges fair for the service offered - but it is a charge non-the-less. WIth this in mind we are looking for feedback as to whether you want Google fonts or not.

We welcome discussion on this topic and look forward to hearing your viewpoint. 

Expiry notification on paid membership subscriptions

A better way to notify customers of subscription renewals is now available. If you sell 'paid membership subscriptions' via the shopping cart look out for the new 'membership expiry' notifications.

We've also added a widget called 'membership subscriptions paid' which will help streamline the learning process.

Paid subscriptions help link

Email campaign management - automated rules

Auto email campaign management rules are now enabled - but be careful.... the potential to send a lot of emails to a lot of people is relatively easy! 

Automated email campaigns allow you to send a series of newsletters to recipients in sequential order, allowing you to tell a story over time.


Need help? Email us: support@websitebuilder.co.nz

Training options


Our training videos are currently being updated with our new CMS layout plus we will be adding videos for recently added features. We will let you know as soon as they are made live.

Our original videos are still available to help you setup your website, or shopping cart, or payment options. Please note these videos show the old look and feel CMS and we are slowely upgrading the videos.


We also have a collection of excellent tutorials on our  FAQ 

Personalised one-on-one training or website review

If you require personalised training, we can provide this training to you over the phone, or in person at our offices in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Training costs $100 per hour by either method. Minimum time is 30 minutes.

We would encourage all customers to get at least one hour of training at the early stages of builing their website, and one more review just prior to going live, just to give your website that professional critique, and quick tidy up of the rough bits.

Training topics include:

  • How to use website builder and shopping cart
  • How to design websites
  • How to crop and tidy up photos
  • How to optimise to get your website higher on google and other search engines
  • How to setup a facebook page, or other social media account
  • How to send newsletters
  • How to use any other feature we offer.

Book personalised training here

Quick professional touch-up

Want one of our pro web designers to give your website a quick 'once-over' and clean up the rough edges? Contact us for a quote, our professional designers can do plenty of magic in just 1 hour (100+gst per hour),

Discount Tip: If you purchase 6 or more hours, you will only be charged $90 per hour! Saving 10%.

Web Design Options

Tips and tricks

Web statistics

Use our Web Stats to monitor your traffic and search engine optimisation success. See which other websites are giving hits to your website, which search engines are working, and which keywords people have used to find you. Web Stats come free with every domain you register and host with us.

More information in web statistics


Google analytics

Google has the most popular search engine in the world which means they collect very thorough statistics on your websites. You can gain access to this information by using Google's Analytics. Monitor your site traffic and sources, and monitor how changes effect your sites traffic.

Google Analytics provides many educational resources. Whether you're new to analytics or an experienced user you'll find videos and articles to help you get the most out of Google Analytics.

To take full advantage of Googles vast knowledge you need to create an account with Google Analytics and insert a tracking code into your site. For information on using Analytics with your site please read our Analytics help files or refer to the main Google Analytics Site

If you require assistance with Analytics and implementing the code then please contact our staff.


Cool links

System links and recent help updates

Trello - CMS and our system development suggestions board

HELP/FAQ - Content Management System online help

Embedding Web Fonts - Resource file on using Google web fonts

CLIP ART - Web graphics and CSS stylesheets ideas for your sites

Free websites for charity

There are two new hosting plans, FREE for very charitable websites serving the greater good and helping those less fortunate, or $150/year for other community groups, church groups and sports teams. Existing customers may retrospectively request these plans.

All charities must comply with our special terms and conditions, primarily that they must not have any paid staff nor income apart from donations. Free websites will include an advert promoting website builder services. The discounted plan option does not include adverts. 

Learn More: - Learn more about free websites here 

New revamped reseller offer

We have completely reworked our reseller offer. Features of the new reseller offering:

  • No setup fees
  • One free website hosting
  • Domain name renewals and registrations only $19+gst per year
  • Discounts on all web hosting plans, at least 33% cheaper than retail
  • White labelled (rebranded) version of our CMS
  • Full control of your customers websites, content, shopping carts, mailing lists, domains and email accounts from a single login
  • Simple monthly invoicing for all websites on one account
  • Manage and host all your CMS and open source/PHP websites with one provider

              Conditions of the offer

              • Our reseller agreement is for web designers, graphics designers, content writers, SEO experts, social media experts, or anyone who wants to really get involved in providing our services as their own. 
              • The key obligation for resellers is a committment to make at least 1 new website live every 3 months.

              General Information

              Our reseller program enables you to sell CMS powered websites under your own brand. We provide you with all the tools and services you need to do this. We remain invisible to your customers. They pay you - you pay us. Alternatively consider our affiliate scheme if you want to remain out of the billing arrangement, but get a commission on referrals.

              Learn more about reseller program


              Help us promote our Website Builder - earn 20% commission ongoing

              Anyone who refers friends to our service, or sets up a 2nd or subsequent website gets a 20% discount off their web hosting fees. Refer 5 friends and you pay nothing for your website hosting. Refer more than 5 friends, and we start paying you. 

              Terms - live websites only, based on equivalent hosting plans, payouts subject to minimums.

              How to promote:

              • Ask your friends to include your login email address on the form when they signup
              • Create a trial for your friends, using their email address, but put your login email in the referred by area.
              • Contact us to tell us who you have referred (after they have created their trial)
              • Create an affiliate link, refer top right within the CMS, then copy and paste into your page
              • Add a page, on the right under tooltips, see 'website creation affiliate link'

              More information about affiliates and reselling here

              Websites of the month

              Here's a selection of some of our recent DIY Go Lives.  

               And a few of our recent professionally designed/upgraded sites, or websites that received some professional help.

              Do you want a more professional look and feel for your website? A more professional look will instill greater trust in your customers and encourage them to stay longer on your website or make a purchase. Please use our online quote or contact us.

              Do you have any feedback on our newsletter, CMS, products or on any other area of how we do business?

              I want to hear about it so pease get in touch. Email me directly: anthony@webwidgets.co.nz

              Have a great day!
              Tony and the WW Crew
              Web Widgets Ltd - Free Website Builder


              Posted: Wed 30 Jan 2013