Professional design quote

A professional website design will instill a greater sense of trust in your new customers and increase the likelihood of a successful online sale. Please complete this quote request form indicating your design requirements.

What would you like us to do for you?

Our quotes are based on the time it takes to design your website. More hours will give your website a more professional look, and more chances for your input during concept refinement. Less hours will allow for custom-design on a budget, with minimal input during concept refinement. Please consider your requirements, budget and expectations carefully. Then select the appropriate number of hours you would like us to spend designing your website.

Our content management system is automatically provided with all design options so that you keep your website content up to date.

Content transfer options

Design individual pages
Please design each of my pages individually using the photos and text I will provide you. Pages should be counted as printable A4 pages.
A4 Pages
Transfer web pages
Transfer my pre-formatted web pages from an existing website or zip file of html files.
Web Pages
Products for purchase
Setup a shopping cart with products from an existing website or provided in another format.
Upload CD of photos in bulk
Bulk import of photos from a CD. Good for either galleries or shopping carts. Can be matched to price list spreadsheet.
Upload pricing data
Bulk import of products and prices from excel spreadsheet.

Extra Features

Shopping cart - special support
Setup an existing site with a shopping cart, with optional credit card integration. Time includes support with payment gateway documentation, freight setup and additional support with shopping cart setup. [more info]
Mailing list and bulk emailer
I want to send bulk emails to thousands of people. Additional hosting fees apply depending on number of emails sent. [more info]
Flash animations
I'd like some Flash animation on my home page, or banner or somewhere in my website, eg a slideshow or an interactive map [more info]
animation sequences
Customised forms
Customised contact or enquiry form with validation or calculated fields. We have lots of template forms for free, but customised forms are chargeable.
Member database
Suitable for password protecting pages or collecting standard member registrations from users.
Custom content templates
I would like an alternative product page layout or photo gallery layout. Based on existing database formats within Web Widgets.
Content management
Content management is free with all hosting plans [more info]

Web Address / Domain Names

I already have a web address
We can transfer your web address, or leave it at your current register [more info]
I would like a new web address
We will help you register a new web address [more info]

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Please review my website and re-word my page heading, opening paragraph, meta title, meta description, keywords, and other minor tweaks to help me get a better search engine position. (Guaranted increased position) [more info]
Pay per click program (Adwords)
Please organise a pay per click advertising campaign over 6 months to deliver between approximately 1000-2000 unique visitors to my website who are interested in what I have to sell. [more info]
6 months

Do you require a new Logo or Branding?

Please create a new low-res logo
This is for you if you don't already have a company brand. We will allocate additional hours to designing you a new logo and branding for your website.
Please create a new hi-res logo
This is for you if you need high resolution imagery that can be used on printed materials
Outsourced images for website
If you are not providing us with your own graphics or royalty free digital photos, then we will need to source some imagery from a photographer or commercial stock images directory. [more info]

Training and Support

Training or meetings at your premises
We will come to your premises to provide a minimum of two hours training. Outside Auckland subject to scheduling and individual quote.
Training or meetings at our premises
You are welcome to book a training session at office in Grey Lynn. Please email to arrange a time.
Over the phone training
We will provide training over the phone. Phone based training is in units of half hours.
half hour
Free training
Depending on the reason you require training we may offer this for free at times. Training is 2 hours long and provided in a group format.

Please provide contact details so we can ask for more information if necessary.