Online Banking Payments and Direct Debits

Online Banking Payments and Direct Debits

We provide options for payment by online banking. There are several options to consider

  • Customers make a payment to your nominated bank account. Easy. No fees. No verification. 
  • Realtime banking payments and verifiction by PoliPay, Paymark Online Eftpos, or Windcave Account2Account
  • Direct debit facility setup. Requires your choice of third party direct debit provider, and the merchant will manually setup the facility after details provided by customer with their order.

Standard Online Banking Payment

Customers make a payment to your nominated bank account. Easiest option with no fees. However, there is no instant verification, and no automated reconcilation.

  • At completion of an order, we present your bank account details to the customer
  • The customer pays your bank account via their online banking or phone, but there is no automation between the website and that happening. The customer will manually enter in the amount and reference number and bank account number
  • There is no automated verification that payment has been entered. However, there is an optional step, where the customer can notifiy you to confirm that payment was completed (from their perspective)
  • Often you have to wait until 10am the next day to see yesterdays deposits. 
  • You need to manually reconcile your receipts with your orders, and confirm the amounts and references are correct. 
  • If you use our Xero API connection, then it is sufficient to reconcile the receipt and invoice in Xero and that status will automatically reconcile in our system within an hour or so.

Realtime Payments By PoliPay or Windcave or Paymark

These payment gateways will charge you fees for their service. The service is real time, and instant verification of payment to your order list.

  • At completion of checkout, customers are redirected to your chosen payment gateway
  • The payment gateway will negotiate a pathway for the customer to login and complete payment. Usually the customer just enters their banking login details, and then the rest of the process is handled by the payment gateway. Other services may use text verification to confirm the validity of the payment. 
  • Some banks do not approve of these services, as customers should not provide their authentication details to third parties. However, these services remain popular and are trusted by many customers.
  • At completion of payment, the payment gateway will notifiy our servers that payment was successful, and we will update your order status as paid.

Direct Debit Faciliites

We don't provide any automation/integration for such services, but you can make your customer experience seemless all the same. 

  • Customers will be prompted to enter their own bank account details at the last step of the checkout. You should present a message that submitting their details confirms their acceptance to whatever direct debit facility T&C you wish to provide. 
  • When you receive the order, the customers bank account details will be included with the order.
  • Please copy and paste those customer banking details into whatever direct debit management system you use.
  • If you have a high volume of daily orders, you could potentially export the orders as CSV and import that way. 
  • Website World does not provide any support for what happens after you have collected the customers bank account details.

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