API / Integration / Accounting / Courier

We have several ways you can automate your business, using integration with our platform partners. Our partners include Accounting, Inventory, POS, Marketing, Freight/Shipping and more.


  • Xero Compatible E-Commerce Platform
    Full synchronization with Xero, including invoices, contacts, inventory items and order payment status. Learn more about how you can receive client orders directly into Xero, or sell stock online.
  • Infusion Business Software NZ
    There is a third party integration by Convergence to existing sites within our system. Please contact Convergence Integration Specialists to learn more about how they can integrate Infusion with us.
  • Connect Wise
    Our integration with Connect Wise, includes members, products, stock, and sales.
  • MYOB Integration
    You can easily import your products from MYOB via CSV