Custom API Integration

Custom API Integration

Build your own integration to our API, to manage products, members, orders, events, send emails, upload files, and so much more. 

Our API is a restful, using JSON data format, with typical GET and POST options. You can get deep data for a single object, or a list. 

We have take effort to make our API easy to use, so you can post a multi line order for a brand new customer, and all associated member data will be created and linked automatically, with the option to calculate pricing or simply upload historical invoices. For courier companies, you can fetch multiple orders, with additional product dimensions and weights provided. Courier companies can send back partial order data, so that only the specified data is updated, such as courier tracking information and status.

Images supplied as full URLs will be automatically imported into our system, and stored as local image files within about 48 hours of a data sync. 

Please create a trial website and login to get the actual endpoints and API ID and key. Each API ID and Key is unique to an individual website, and you can test the functionality on trial sites. 

We have also adapted our API's to support optional simple/flat data structures suitable for use with Zapier. 

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