Integrated POS and Inventory Management

Integrated POS and Inventory Management

Website builder shopping cart now boasts it's own integrated POS (point of sale) and inventory management system. We encourage all merchants to use our integrated services, rather than using a 3rd party system. 

The benefits of using our integrated POS and inventory system over 3rd party systems are as follows: 

  • there is no cost to using our option, versus paying multiple monthly fees to 3rd party providers
  • stock levels are always acurate at all times of the day and night. When using 3rd party systems, we do a nightly update, and we push our sales through, but this may lead to stock being sold online on the same day it was first sold instore. 
  • discounts and voucher codes can be the same in store and online, because they share the same database. 
  • product range and pricing is always acurate instore and online. 
  • decreased complexity, with only 1 set of reports to check, only 1 system to reconcile payments
  • product variations and product management need only be managed in one place. websites have a need for more detailed product information, whereas an inventory or POS system often only has short codes and titles for ease of use on small buttons. 

If our POS or Inventory system doesn't do what you want it to, we can always quote to develop our server further. It is much easier for us to manage our own development cycle than waiting for a 3rd party application to provide appropriate API features. 

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