February 2011 News

In this issue of Website Builder News, February 2011

  • Training Options
  • Quick Professional Touchup
  • Backup/Restore Design Changes
  • Domain Names
  • Credit Card Service Fees option for merchants
  • International Toll Free Call numbers
  • Social Media Tip - Linked In Companies
  • SEO Tip of the Month - Dedicated Websites
  • Free website design for charities
  • Start your own website builder business
  • How to help us promote Website Builder and get a 20% rebate
  • Websites of the Month 


Training Options

Free training is available via our YouTube channel.

Our group training sessions are perfect for learning more and asking questions. Introduction course covers all the basics including design, content management, galleries, enquiry forms, shopping carts, domain names, and how to go live. Our Search Engine Optimisation course is great for learning how to get your website higher on Google.

  • Auckland - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours  - 15th March at 1pm - $75
  • Auckland - Search Engine Optimisation 2 hours - 15th March at 3:15pm - $75
  • Wellington - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours - 16th March at 1pm - $75
  • Wellington - Search Engine Optimisation 2 hours - 16th March at 3:15pm - $75
  • Christchurch- Website Builder Introduction 2 hours - 23rd March at 1pm - $75
  • Christchurch - Search Engine Optimisation 2 hours - 23rd March at 3:15pm - $75
  • More Locations and Times - Book Your Training Here

One on One Training is available at our offices in Auckland on an appointment basis, or other regions subject to scheduling. Other times may be considered in other regions for group or half day training.


Quick Professional Touch Up


Do you want one of our professional web designers to give your website a quick once over and clean up the rough edges. Contact us for a quote, our professional designers can do alot of magic in just 2 hours (2 hours=$180+gst), however if you specify your budget, they will do their best in the time given. 



Backup/Restore Design Changes

You can now make a backup of your design settings before trialing different looks and feel templates, or specific colour/banner/font changes. The backup includes everything you might change under the Design tab, but not design changes to individual page content. It remembers your images choices, but does not backup the underlying image files.

It is easy to restore. Please note that if you make design changes, even if not published, those changes may be visible on some pages like shopping carts, or galleries. If you do restore your settings, you should publish just to make sure all is good.

If you require additional help with restoring content, data or images from a website, please note that fees will apply for that service. Please also note that the faster you contact us the better. There is a limit to how quickly we can restore your website. Just as an added note, you can replace the "www" part of your web address with "timmy" and see your website as it looked prior to about 6am. This is the fastest way to restore deleted content or images, and you can DIY. If another day passes, then restoration takes longer and costs more.


Domain Names

Don't be fooled by trademark infringement warnings from Asia. You don't need to buy those domain names unless you really want them. There are just so many domain suffixes, it really is pointless buying them all unless you have a specific reason.

.nz domains (just NZ$29+gst per year, discounts for multiple years)

.au domains (just AU$58 for 2 years)

All other International Domains (from US$15)


  • Domains containing keywords are great, but you can really only have one primary web address. So buying several variations of keyphrases are a waste of time. Focus all your SEO linking effort on your best domain name.
  • Use alternative domain names in offline/radio/tv advertising, to guage the success of those mediums.
  • Buy additional domain names only if you think misspellings or "address guessing" will get you some traffic.


Charging more fore credit cards / paypal

You can now choose to charge a service fee to customers who use credit cards or other payment methods. These service fees might encourage customers to choose more economical payment methods like online banking where large amounts are involved.

To add the service fee, please go to your shopping setup area, then credit cards and payment options, then edit the existing payment option in question, then scroll down and apply the fees there. You can charge a fixed fee and/or percentage.


International Toll Free Calling Numbers

2Talk have recently introduced Australian and USA based toll free numbers that will forward to your phone in NZ for just 15 cents per minute. How cool is that?! For some time they have also provided NZ 0800 numbers also, and the minutes are typically included in your bundled price. You don't even need a VOIP phone, you can use their web based configuration screens to route all calls to your existing landline (or to a mobile for a additional fees)

Telephony - Interactive Voice Menus / Cheaper Calls


Social Media - Linked In Companies

You can now have a company web page on LinkedIn.com. This is different to your personal linked in profile. LinkedIn is a great place to promote your job vacancies or locate key personel from other businesses you want to connect with.



Search Engine Optimisation Tip of the Month - Dedicated Websites

One trick to improve your ranking for a specific keyphrase is to dedicate a whole website to that key phrase. This is often referred to as search engine marketing.

A website dedicated to a keyphrase is likely to outrank a single page dedicated to a keyphrase, which will outrank a page that merely contains the words in it. However, inbound linking is still the primary driver of rank. So a new website must contain an element of promotion via links from your existing site and other sites.

We do offer single page websites which are only $10 per month or $100 per year, and are an affordable option.

More SEO tips and keyword tools here


Free website design for charity - start voting

Winner this month: NZ Trauma Recovery Trust

If your charity, club or community organisation wants the chance to receive a free website makeover, or professional design, then go to our facebook page and make a nomination.

We then add the nominations to our voting page. The winner who receives the most votes will receive a free professional design worth $2000.

We will run this competition every month until further notice. Your club will automatically go into every months draw, so get nominated early, and round up all your members and their friends to come and vote for you. 

Submit Nominations: Facebook Page

Voting Page: - Vote here


Start your Own Website Builder Business - Discounts of 30%+

Our reseller program enables you to setup and sell websites under your own brand. Web Widgets provides you with all the tools and services you need to do this. Web Widgets remain at arms length. Only your contact details and brand are shown to your customer. They won't know anything about web widgets nor free website builder. This program is perfect for website designers, or sales people looking for new opportunities. The reseller program does have a $1000 setup fee, but you immediately get 30% discount on our hosting fees and can purchase domains for only $22/year. We also give you full administrative access to our system. Alternatively consider our affiliate scheme.

Learn more about reseller program


Help us promote our Website Builder (earn 20% commission ongoing)

Anyone who refers friends to our service, or sets up a 2nd or subsequent website gets a 20% discount off their web hosting fees. Refer 5 friends, and you pay nothing for your website hosting. Refer more than 5 friends, and we will start paying you.  

Terms - live websites only, based on equivalent hosting plans, payouts subject to minimums.

How to promote

  • Ask your friends to include your login email address on the form when they signup
  • Create a trial for your friends, using their email address, but put your login email in the referred by area.
  • Contact us to tell us who you have referred (after they have created their trial)
  • Create an affiliate link, refer top right within the CMS, then copy and paste into your page
  • Add a page, on the right under tooltips, see "Website Creation Affiliate Link"

More information about affiliates and reselling here



Websites of the Month

Here's a selection of some of our recent Go Lives. DIY websites are always a mixed bag, so we encourage you to view several example sites if determining if Website Builder is right for you.  

And a few of our professionally designed / upgraded websites.

Do you want a more professional look and feel for your website? A more professional look will instill greater trust in your customers, and encourage them to stay longer on your website or make a purchase. Please use our online quote or contact us.

Do you have any feedback on our newsletter or CMS products? Please let us know.

Posted: Tue 22 Feb 2011