November 2009 News

In this issue of Website Builder News, November 2009...

  • Free Training Sessions  
  • One on One Training
  • New design templates!
  • Spotlight on our Professionally Designed Websites
  • Events Management
  • Shopping Cart Updates
  • Search and Replace
  • New Colour Picker
  • New Tabs and UI Features
  • Customer Database Custom Fields
  • Websites and domains for sale
  • SEO Tip of the Month
  • CSS Wizard
  • How to help us promote Website Builder and get a 20% rebate
  • Websites of the Month


Free Training Sessions NZ Wide

Our free training sessions will teach you how to use our website builder to build your own website or online shop. The course covers all the basics with some tips on bulk emailer, shopping carts, and search engine optimisation included. We also have advanced courses available for a small fee.

  • Auckland - Website Builder Introduction 3 hours - 17th of November 9am - FREE
  • Auckland - Search Engine Optimisation - and web design - $50 - 17th of November at 1pm.
  • Auckland - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours  - 9th December at 9am - FREE
  • Tairua (Coromandel) - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours  - 8th January 8th at 10am - Free
  • Wellington - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours - 13th April 2010 - FREE
  • Wellington - Search Engine Optimisation, and intermediate web design 4 hours - $75 - 13th April at 1pm
  • Christchurch - Website Builder Introduction 2 hours - 14th April 2010 - FREE
  • Christchurch - Search Engine Optimisation, and intermediate web design 4 hours - $75 - 14th April at 1pm
  • More Locations and Times - Book Your Training Here

Please invite any friends along to our training events. Remember you will get 20% referral discount off your hosting ongoing for any who go live with their website.

Please note that the cost of SEO course is increasing to $75 from 1st of January. Last chance at $50+gst on the 17th November.


One on One Training

One on one training is a great way to enhance your website at a discount price. Sit down with one of our professional web designers for an hour and see what evolves. This is a great way for intermediate users to increase their skills, or for novice users to sped up the process of creating their website. For just $100 your website will be greatly improved. The same fee also applies for SEO or any other professional help you need. One on one available at our Onehunga Auckland office. Phone to book a time.

We can provide individual or group training in other centers, subject to either a minimum attendence of 20 people at your venue, or alternatively for a fee.


New design templates

Albie has been hard at work and has created a range of impressive new design templates. The new opaque/transparent options let your pages "float" over a large background image, with a little transparence allowing the background to show through!
Opaque Options

An additional range of templates enable you to create a website quickly using your "website name" rather than customising your own banner graphic. These are great options if you are in a hurry or lacking photo manipulation software. Your website name is the organisation name listed on your contact details page.
Website Name Options


Spotlight on our Professionally Designed Websites 
Onehunga Business Association new website.
Christchurch restaurant renowned for innovative, fresh cuisine, with produce sourced from the kitchen garden. 
Buy fresh avocados online for only $12.50 delivered anywhere in NZ, including postage... What a deal!

Not only do you get a better looking website when you use a professional designer, but also increased exposure as we promote your website via our portfolio and during training seminars.


Events Management 

Our new events management system allows you to take online bookings, manage a list of attendees, send auto responders and reminder emails automatically. We are using this system now to manage all of our training events bookings, and we hope you will like using it too. We really appreciate just how hard it is to coordinate large groups of people and have tried to make this system as user friendly as we can. You can manage venue information with maps and directions independently of event details. You can setup generic templates for your email notifications also.
See example events page


Shopping Cart Upgrades

You can now duplicate shopping cart products more easily in the category products list, or from the product options page. This new feature is thanks to Adrian from  


Search and Replace 

Not only can you search and replace in the new V5 editor, we have also added a new global search and replace feature. This is great for tidying up spurious HTML code, or anything else that might be spelt wrong in several places of your website. On the welcome page, under item 2, edit content, there is a link in the tooltips allowing you to do the global search and replace.


New Colour Picker

We hope you all like our new colour picker. It is based on the photoshop colour picker, and will give you greater control over the colour you are selecting. The colour picker is available in the design settings area for selection of fonts, background or menu colours. This is a different colour picker than used in the V5 editor.


New Tabs and UI Features

We are slowely upgrading our whole CMS to a more Web-2 UI look and feel, and removing the old framesets. Please make a special note of all the page tabs that appear top right in many areas of our CMS. Using these tabs will help you get to the areas you want more quickly, and help you access special options that are not always obvious in other places.

Before the end of the year we will be removing the scrollable left menu, and replacing with a faster more user friendly menu. The whole CMS user interface will get a spuce up. Stay tuned to our next newsletter.


Customer Database - Custom Fields (CRM)

If you need to ask your customers special questions not in our standard registration forms, then now we have made it even easier to capture this information. When adding or editing a member via the CMS, please look for the "edit questions" link under the tooltips. Here you can add all sorts of questions, and give them sub headings. All questions will be editable by yourself, and the members themselves.


Websites and domains for sale

We have a brand new page on our website promoting some high traffic websites and domains for sale. These are great start websites that you could turn into a new business endeavor, or just aquire the domain for a quick boost in traffic.



SEO Tip of the Month

Renew your domain name several years in advance. Google can detect this, and will rank your page ever so slightly higher. It also saves your web/email from ever going offline accidentially. You can renew your domain at anytime, by logging in to the CMS, clicking on the red domain name button, then "registry options". Then click renew. You will need prepaid funds. If you make a payment and use your domain name as a reference, then we can renew it for you.

Also remember to pay your hosting fees by automatic online banking payment, as any significant web outage of more than a few days, may cause your search ranking to be lost. More tips at the link below

DIY Search Engine Optimisation


CSS Editor for Intermediate Web Designers 

The complex code of CSS has often put people off tweaking their website to new levels. We have commissioned a new CSS editor wizard, that will make your life easier to find the available options and ensure you don't wreck the underlying code syntax. Look for the CSS Wizard option next time you are in the custom templates editor area of the design settings area.


Help us promote our Website Builder (20% referral discount for your troubles)

There are many ways for you to help us promote website builder. If you would like any brochures or business cards, please contact us and we will send you a bundle. Please let us know how many you require.

If you would like to promote website builder from your website, you can now easily add an affiliate page using the "add page" button. This page will allow you to write your own introduction about how wonderful our service is and will include a link with tracking codes so that you will receive the 20% referral discount automatically.

Alternatively, please encourage your friends to just sign up directly for a free trial, or to come to one of our free training courses. Once they have signed up for a free trial, please don't forget to contact us and let us know so we can link your referral.

Or if you are finding work a bit slow in this recession, why not start your own business selling websites. Did you know that we really like customers who want to resell our services and add their own value. If you have SEO skills, business skills, graphic design skills or just super enjoy building websites with our free website builder, then we encourage you to start a business doing it. You will not be stepping on our toes at all. We want to support you in your business endeavours and will give you access to special advanced training courses and support, so that you can in turn provide better support to your customers. Using our affiliate scheme or our official reseller scheme, you can also make ongoing revenue from web hosting. But we encourage you to correctly place a commercial value on the time you put in to helping your friends start websites. We hope we are providing you with a great new opportunities during this recession. 

White lable reseller accounts also available for a setup fee.

More information about affiliates and reselling here


Websites of the Month

Here's a selection of some of our recent Go Lives. DIY websites are always a mixed bag, so we encourage you to view several example sites if determining if Website Builder is right for you.

Do you want a more professional look and feel for your website? A more professional look will instill greater trust in your customers, and encourage them to stay longer on your website or make a purchase. Please use our online quote or contact us.

New Professionally Designed Websites

Do you have any feedback on our newsletter or CMS products? Please let us know.


Best regards,
Reuben Jackson (CEO)

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Posted: Mon 09 Nov 2009