Categorising your customer database

There are several ways to categorise your customer database.
You can now group the members of your mailing list into multiple groups. i.e. one member can belong to multiple groups. This makes it easier to categorise your members in many different ways, and thus send newsletters only relevant to them.
How to categorise your members
  • Edit the member, scroll down and click the groups you want to enroll them in
  • Search for members, then tick them, then enroll or remove them from those groups.

You can also categorise your members in the following way

  • By country or region
  • By security level

Security levels are an easy way to distinguish between staff, trade customers and retail customers. Put the retail customers on the lowest security levelg, eg Opt-In or Authorised User. Put the trade customers on a higher level, eg Authorised User level 1 or 2. And put staff on the highest security level.

A dropdown list of countries and regions will automatically be included in the search when using the bulk emailer. This feature is optional.

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