Wordpress / WooCommerce vs Website World E-Commerce

Learn more about the differences between Wordpress / WooCommerce and Website Worlds own E-Commerce platform. 

Wordpress is a very popular content management system, and WooCommerce is the most popular Ecommerce plugin for Wordpress, with many many more plugins to extend Woo Commerce even further. WooCommerce plugins are developed by an opensource community with free and paid plugin options. You usually need to pay for premium plugins to ensure that they plugin will be updated in the future, to remain compatible with Wordpress upgrades and Operating System upgrades. 

The best thing about Wordpress is the amazing range of plugins. But this is also it's curse. Can you be sure that all your plugins and themes will work well together? Who will support you if a plugin stops working? 

The best thing about Website World, is that all the obvious and not so obvious eCommerce features are provided out of the box, ready to work. All the features in Website Worlds platform are supported by Website World, and are guaranteed to work in the future. 

Wordpress requires that you perform ongoing maintenance of your software versions and plugins. During an upgrade, your website might be unavailable, and after an upgrade your website might be broken. With Website World, you do not need to worry about performing any system upgrades, as our team takes care of that for you, and there are no outages involved. 

Irrespective of your platform choice, Website World is happy to host your website. We provide a high quality hosting platform for Wordpress and PHP websites, with high speed servers, low CPU competition, and backups provided inclusive.

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