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In Emergencies 24 hours per day 365 days per year:

  1. Please read this list to ensure you are not charged for after hours support fees.
  2. First check that you can search google successfully to ensure the outage is not on your own computer. Ensure that a few other common websites are all working also.
  3. It is only an emergency if your website is offline or misfunctioning significantly.
  4. If you have made a mistake yourself, then we will charge for after hours support.
  5. If your problem is with emails, then remember email servers sometimes get overloaded, and your email will arrive within 24 hours.
  6. If your account is unpaid, then it is possible your website has been taken offline. If you see our offline page, then this means your site is offline, please wait until the next business day or we will charge you a fee for after hours support.
  7. Please when contacting us, let us know your web address and the scope of the error, eg can you see your home page, but not your shopping cart, or can you see neither.
  8. Please SMS or Call +64 21 70 999 6 for any website outages. 
  9. Please note, that sometimes networks upstream from us may break down, in this case we might have hundreds of people calling us simulatenously, so please understand if we don't reply to every call. Please leave us a message or an SMS with as much information as possible.

Phone Numbers

Auckland Phone: 09 9744301
Hamilton Phone: 07 9749055
Tairua/Coro  Phone: 07 8649942 ext 3
Wellington Phone: 04 9744490
Christchurch Phone:

03 9749085

Other Locations Phone:

0800 89 41 22 (Mobiles blocked)

Fax: 09 6220790
Street Address: 14/386 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Postal Address:  14/386 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021