A toolbox of great links for your business

We have compiled a list of websites and online services that we encourage you to make use of. If you enjoy the way Website Builder keeps you in control of your website, then please check the following links to get in control of your telephone and accounting services.

  • The following people will help you with any issues on your PC, setting up email accounts and general IT support. These businesses are completely independent from Web Widgets Ltd, but included here for your easy reference.
  • Review a list of web designers and graphics designers from around the country who will use our website builder to develop you a more professional looking website. Click the link to view our new page.
  • Here are some links to some great online web design tools and graphics libraries
  • Good photography makes for a better website. Invest in a great photographer, click above to view a list of recommended photographers
  • We have a collection of content writers who can help you write quality search engine optimised content for your website
  • For accommodation providers, it is very handy to have an availability widget and/or reservation system on the website.
  • Does your business need an interactive voice menu or caller attendant? Would you like to offer free local calling numbers in another city of NZ? And would you like to save money on toll calls while you're at it?
  • We can recommend a great crowd for developing your iPhone or Android app.
  • EASY Social Media create a profile for your business or brand across all the social media channels, linked to your Easy Dashboard. They connect your business to as many people as possible to build awareness and drive traffic to your website.
  • Timely is appointment scheduling software that is awesome for clinics, salons, day spas, tutors and anyone that takes appointments and wants a great way to manage their calendar and customers.
  • Throw away the clipboard and use a smartphone or similar device to manage jobs. GeoOP manages jobs from acceptance to billing for it.
  • Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper - receipts and invoices - into data you and your company can use! Submit by post, via iPhone and Android apps, by email or by one of the many other submission methods,
  • Do you wish you didn't have to stay in the office to complete your accounts and tax requirements? or complete GST returns while overseas or at the bach?
  • And a few other business online tools of interest
  • Are payrolls complicating life for you? Finding it difficult when your offline accounting system doesn't have the latest changes to kiwisaver built in?
  • If you import and pay foreign currency, your bank is probably not the cheapest way to make a payment. The same goes if you export, and you want people to pay you in a foreign currency at an agreed price.
  • There is a big difference between being a great tradesman and a running a great trades business. Andy Burrows, The Trades Coach, has developed a trade-specific answer to your business development needs