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This is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get online. You get a professionally built single page template, with your business logo, a few photos (maybe of you or what you do) and room for some text about your business. All you have to do is fill in the form and we do the rest! We'll make you look good and your business easy to find on the internet. The key to these sites is your contact details and the area's you work in. Specifically designed to rank well in a google search of your locality and the line of work you are in. Like all websites you'll need a domain name ($29 a year) and annual hosting. This is all included in our package deal price of $199.00  

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If your requested domain name is already registered by another party, we’ll be in touch to discuss alternative domain names

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Before adding your website content, choose a template from the selection below.

  • Banner and logo layout

    Facebook style layout with large banner and logo overlay. Address details and map to the right hand side (optional)

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  • Banner layout

    A large banner area. Address details and map to the right hand side (optional)

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    If you don’t have a logo or banner image, this option provides a text-heading with address details to the right hand side (optional)

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Here you can add a list of services that might be extra or that you are an expert in. You don't need to add anything here - most businesses are fairly simple when it comes to descriptions.

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This is where you can add your hours of business or the best hours to contact you. Maybe there are days you dont work - or perhaps times that you are not available - ever!
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