February News 2023

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the weather New Zealand has been having this year. It seems that 2023 has set itself up to be yet another challenging year.

In our February newsletter, we've focused on marketing and SEO:

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Choosing Your Keywords for SEO

Choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases is a key task in SEO or search engine optimisation. Together with great original content, your keywords hold the power as to whether your website receives the right volume and type of organic traffic or not.

Keywords are the words and phrases someone uses to find specific information using a search engine. Keyword research is the process used to find these keywords and check that they are the ones the target audience is using.

While it is time consuming, it's not terribly difficult to pick the right keywords to us. We'll show you how to do this and where to include them within your meta tags and page content.

SEO Verses SEM - Which Should You Use?

SEO and SEM both pertain to search engines. SEO or search engine optimisation is about optimising content to improve search rankings on Google. SEM or search engine marketing, is about using paid strategies such as pay-per-click to gain visibility on search engines.

Both work together to reach audiences through search engines, yet have very different ways of doing so. We'll walk you through in more detail of what both SEO and SEM involve, how they work and when the best times are to use each one.

Website Popups - Yes or No?

Annoying and in your face, website popups have been used for many years. But are they any good? Is the annoyance factor enough to send people running from your site, or do you believe you get more leads than you would if you didn't have one? Today we look at both the pros and cons of having popups on your website.

12 Easter Marketing Ideas

In 2023, Easter occurs from Friday 7th to Tuesday 11 April. While it may seem too early, February is actually a good time to start thinking about what products or services you are going to promote, and how you are going to do so.

Easter marketing isn't just for businesses who sell chocolate eggs and cuddly bunny rabbit toys. Instead, it is a great marketing opportunity for all online stores, because just like Christmas, it is a time when people are specifically looking to buy.

We've got 12 creative Easter marketing ideas to get your customers excited and buying from your business.

Site of the Month - The Innocent Ant

This month we'd like to share The Innocent Ant's website with you, which was migrated from Wix to Website World.

Owner Kate uses her website to promote and sell her 100% natural washing powder and cleaning products. With attractive imagery, the new clean and crisp design does an excellent job at funneling customers through the buying journey. 

Posted: Fri 17 Feb 2023