Etsy Verses Website World

Etsy and Website World both provide a way to sell your handmade products to your customers. They can both accept payments via internet banking and PayPal, charge your customer freight and notify you when an order has been made. 

If they can both sell your products and accept payment, which one should you pick? Or should you choose both?

We take a look at the differences between Etsy and Website World to help you choose the best eCommerce platform for your small business. 

Etsy is a well-known international eCommerce platform, particularly in the USA and Europe. It is also the 11th most visited eCommerce store in the world. Etsy can also seem like the perfect eCommerce solution for start up craft businesses, especially as you don't need to build your own website. Having your own website though, gives you plenty of advantages over starting an Etsy shop. Let's take a look at some of the specific differences, and why they are important for NZ businesses.

Website World Verses Etsy - eCommerce Platform Comparison

Should you stick with a global marketplace like Etsy to sell your handmade products? Or would you be better off selling them from your own website? 

Website World - NZ Owned 

  • Website World is made in NZ and supported from NZ
  • phone, email and Facebook group support 
  • your website only sells your products
  • you have a unique domain name 
  • no fees from Website World when a product is sold
  • no fees to list your products
  • visitors are your customers alone
  • you brand your site to suit your business
  • no competition from other business on your website
  • ability to set inventories and sell multiples of items
  • your website content belongs to you
  • sales can be anyone with internet access
  • you are in control of your website

Etsy - American Owned 

  • Etsy is made in the USA and supported from the USA
  • no phone support
  • you share one platform with thousands of other sellers
  • you share a link to your Etsy shop with customers
  • Etsy charges you a fee for each listing
  • a fee is charged for each product sale
  • visitors can buy from any shop, not only yours
  • minimal branding opportunities to stand out from others
  • competition with thousands of businesses like yours
  • Etsy was set up to sell singular products
  • sales are limited to registered Etsy clients
  • Etsy can choose to close your shop down
  • Etsy sets the rules for selling on their platform