Distance / Time Freight Calculator

Distance / Time Freight Calculator

Do you have a truck, or delivery van? Would you like to calculate the cost of freight for customers by the actual delivery distance and time from your depot/kitchen?

This freight option is perfect for large goods delivery, tow trucks, cake makers, or caterers. 

This calculator works just like any other freight option, but carefuly calculates a total freight price based on live access to google distance API

Calculation Options

  • Rate per KM
  • Rate per Minute
  • Rate per KG per KM (for heavy goods)
  • Return trip option (where traffic may be slower on return journey)
  • Optional minimum / maximum rate limits
  • Optional base rate

Use Cases

  • Tow truck quotes - Use a product as a base fee, then calculate towage fees based on distance/time. 
  • Cake / Catering - Customer buys cakes then the system calculates the fee for you deliver the goods yourself.
  • Wood / Heavy Goods Delivery - Optional calculate the cost including a fee for weight being kg / km.

Required Hosting Plan

This option is only available on premium hosting plans

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