Professional Web Design Package Options

Using the services of a web designer to help get your online shop or website live and looking great is a smart decision. We recommend several highly regarded professional web designers who can provide you with a top quality website you will be proud of.

We have listed web design cost estimates for three different eCommerce scenarios, the common exclusions within a standard web design package, and a checklist of information and files you will need to have organised before approaching your chosen web designer.

Professional Website & eCommerce Store Design Packages

The cost of professional web design will vary depending upon your requirements, with a basic no frills website or eCommerce store starting from around $600 +GST to a fully bespoke website or eCommerce store with HTML coding required at about $1800 +GST. To help you understand what types of web design work you could expect, we've listed three different estimated web design budgets to compare. 

Option One Estimate - $600

  • standard website setup using pre-designed templates
  • resize of your logo/banner to fit
  • colour palette to match your brand
  • font selection to match your brand
  • initial limited photo uploading of pre-sized images (10 images max)
  • initial text uploading (3 pages max)
  • import of product list from CSV
  • configuration of payment/freight options

Option Two Estimate $800 - $1200

  • as per option one (if required)
  • lower price range estimate just for retheme of existing website.
  • animated/sliding banners
  • additional image uploading and sizing 
  • professional layout of all home page content, with content box approach.

Option Three Estimate $1500 upwards

  • bespoke website
  • technical coding & design work
  • styling of featured items labels/headings
  • subtle styling of menus, mega menus
  • professional layout of other landing pages and key navigational pages.

Optional Extras

Search Engine Optimisation - $350

Our SEO guru will research and optimise your website to get a better position on popular search engines like Google.

  • Research 10 key phrases
  • Optimise for those phrases across 10 pages

eCommerce Consultancy - $135

Our expert eCommerce guru will spend 1 hour with you via Zoom to review your checkout configuration and inventory considerations, and make suggestions for improvement. 

  • Address format / Address Search refinement
  • Product Search Improvements
  • API Integration Consultation
  • General advanced guidance

Other Customisations - $35+

Our minimum fee is usually applied for customising a single element using stylesheets, or jQuery.

Our standard hourly rate for web design is $120+gst

Our standard hourly rate for custom programming / development is $150+gst

Prices exclude GST for NZD. Prices are correct for NZD, AUD. Discounts will be applied for USD, EUR and GBP to reflect the exchange rate.

Checklist of Information Your Web Designer Will Need

In order to begin to plan and then undertake your website design job, your chosen web designer needs certain information and files from you first. As this is a general checklist, not every business will need all of these items or information. 

  • a high quality logo, preferably in a png file format
  • a domain name, which can be purchased here
  • examples of website layouts you like
  • a brand guide, including fonts and colours
  • all written content
  • product & other photos or images
  • details on your business & target audience
  • contact details for the website

Common Exclusions Within a Web Design Package

The role of a web designer is to create a website that is functional and meets the design and branding requirements of the website owner. However a web designer does not usually provide the photos, logo, content and other resources needed for that website; that's the job of the owner. While some web designers can assist with the sourcing of the below items upon request and for an additional cost, the general exclusions of a web design include:

  • stock photos (both paid & free)
  • written content
  • setting up or transferring email accounts
  • linking with API software
  • ongoing website hosting & domain name costs
  • product photos & photo editing
  • search engine optimisation
  • customisation of pre-designed templates
  • logo design and other branded content
  • customised or animated website banners or imagery

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