October News 2022

Christmas is coming and that means it is time to check your business is ready! In this month's newsletter, we're focusing on:

  • Preparing your website for Christmas
  • Using Pinterest to boost your Christmas sales
  • 25 effective Christmas marketing ideas
  • Irresistible Christmas themed lead magnets
  • Winners of The David Awards
  • Site of the month
  • Earn 25% discount for referring a friend! 

Preparing Your Website for Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, except on your website. But that's okay, because we're going to help you remedy this by making a list (and checking it twice) of the things you need to do to prepare your website for the holiday season.

 We'll also give you some neat tips on where you can find awesome free Christmas stock images from, where to create your Christmas website graphics and how to upload them to your website, plus examples of Christmas themed lead magnets to add to your website. 

Then there's the answer to the question we get asked most often; should I put my hosting on hold while I take time off work?

Using Pinterest to Boost Christmas Sales

In the lead up to Christmas, it's time to get your marketing plans sorted. This year, don't forget about Pinterest, as it too can help boost your Christmas sale volumes! 

Why use Pinterest for your business' Christmas marketing? Well, it helps you to:

  • spot emerging trends
  • increase website traffic
  • increase your brand authority
  • convert more browsers into buyers
  • grow your reach
  • gets you inbound links
  • identify what your audience loves
  • achieve high engagement levels with your audience

In particular around the holidays, Pinterest is being used by your audience to find gifts to buy and ideas to try out. Wouldn't you like the pins they see and choose to be from your business?

As well as listing the five steps in creating a Christmas marketing plan for Pinterest, we've also got details on how to make the best Christmas Pinterest boards and pins!

25 Christmas Marketing Ideas

In the lead up to Christmas, things can get slightly crazy! Having your Christmas marketing plans sorted helps to reduce the overwhelm while ensuring that customers know all about your products - and buy them! One of the major problems retailers face is the volume of information customers receive at this time of the year, through email campaigns, social media, print media and paid advertisements. 

Rising above this and getting noticed is really hard work, so we've put together a collection of 25 creative Christmas marketing ideas for you to consider using during your marketing campaigns in the lead up to the holidays. 

Creating a Christmas Themed Lead Magnet

Christmas lead magnets are a great way to gain new email subscribers during the festive months. Many eCommerce businesses experience an increase in traffic from visitors looking for Christmas presents, and a lead magnet lets you capture their details in exchange for something they value. While there is nothing technically different between a Christmas themed and a regular lead magnet, one which is tailored to the holidays is more likely to receive a positive response than one which isn't. 

An effective lead magnet is one which demonstrates your expertise, solves a problem, provides value, is instant and relevant. We've put together some examples of irresistible Christmas themed lead magnets you too could use, along with details of tools you could make them with.

Winners of The David Awards 2022

As proud sponsors, we'd like to offer our congratulations to the Supreme Winner and the Category winners of The David Awards 2022!

Head over to view the announcement video on their home page!

Site of the Month - Hotshots Paint Ball

Hotshots Paintball's website is a great example of our booking calendar in action. Customers first select the type of package they want, their preferred time and date from the availability calendar and the number of participants. Payment is made upon checkout and the customer receives a booking confirmation email.

The site also features some great design work by Alice of Wild Paradise Design, including moving images and text on the home page.

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Did you know that if you refer a friend to use our awesome website builder service, that you get a 25% discount off your hosting? 

That means, if you refer 4 or more friends, you'll essentially get your web hosting for free! You can also earn 25% commission via affiliate links too.

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Posted: Tue 18 Oct 2022