May News 2023

This May, we are highlighting 5 wholesaling challenges and their solutions, along with the key pricing tools available to our users, and the upcoming changes with Google Analytics 4.

Resolving Common Wholesale Challenges

As a wholesale business, your challenges are different from those of retailers. You've got large volumes of stock to keep track of, relationships with new and existing manufacturers to nurture, retailers to communicate with and sell to, and a distribution chain to manage. Finding solutions to these challenges takes time and effort, yet is essential to retain an acceptable profit margin.

In this article, we discuss these 5 common wholesale challenges and solutions:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Supply chain and distribution
  3. Competition
  4. Communication
  5. Technology adaption

B2B Wholesale & Trade Pricing

Having the ability to customise your pricing for B2B, trade, wholesale and VIP customers, or as a targeted discount pricing mechanism, is a key benefit of using the Website World platform. 

Make sure you read our guide for specific details about these key features of our wholesale pricing capabilities:

  • price visibility
  • 8 wholesale pricing tiers
  • unlimited unique prices per individual members
  • VIP pricing
  • customer discount rates
  • quantity price breaks
  • discount prices
  • sale prices
  • product options, stock control and option pricing
  • easy updating
  • managing wholesale and trade customers
  • access for sales reps and data privacy

Using Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is Google's newest web analytics property that tracks visitor activity on both websites and apps. With more features and data available to you than the previous version, Universal Analytics, you will be better able to understand how visitors interact with your website. In particular, the new features of Google Analytics 4 include:

  • Measurements have become events 
  • Dashboard is streamlined 
  • Predictive metrics are available 
  • Cross platform tracking 
  • Increased focus on customer privacy 
  • Reporting for both websites and applications 

If you have not yet updated to GA4, do so now to customise your account. Or you can wait until July 1st and Google will do a generic update on your behalf.

Our article shows you where you can make this update, along with further information on what GA4 offers.

Site of the Month

Ford and Mazda Spares' website has recently gone live and is looking amazing. The use of exceptional vehicle images on the home page actively draws visitors further into the site, along with the consistent use of branding. The inbuilt search engine helps customers find specific parts quickly, which increases the likelihood of successful purchases being made.

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Posted: Tue 23 May 2023