August News 2023

This August, we're focusing on understanding and setting freight costs on your website, along with key information you need to ensure your customers know about, plus ways to increase website sales.

  • Setting your freight costs up correctly
  • What you need to know about eCommerce shipping
  • What your customers want to know about shipping
  • Free freight & other tips to increase website sales
  • Site of the Month

Setting Your Freight Costs Up Correctly

Check out this video on our YouTube channel on how to set up basic freight costs for your website. It walks you through how to customise your website's freight costs for both domestic and international destinations, plus how to set up weight based costs.

We also offer a paid service where we can set up more complicated or custom freight options for you - just send us an email if you'd like a quote.

Key eCommerce Shipping Information for Retailers

When selling online, NZ retailers who understand about and use an effective shipping strategy have a key advantage over those who don't. From saving time and money through to increased customer satisfaction and increased sales, the competitive advantages cannot be ignored.

Let's take a look at what your strategy options are, along with the key decisions you'll need to make.

What Your Customers Want to Know About Shipping

There's some key information that people shopping on your website want to know before they reach the checkout:

  • what will it cost?
  • do you have free shipping?
  • can I pick my courier?
  • what happens if I need to return something?
  • are you using sustainable packaging?

We take a look at what customers really want to know about in regards to shipping, and where you should put this information.

We also share some great ideas to reduce shipping costs too!

Site of the Month

The Bikeys website was until recently hosted on the Wix platform. Thanks to Andrew from Fury however, it has been beautifully redesigned and built on the Website World platform - and now with eCommerce capabilities! 

We're loving the scrolling photos at the top of the home page and the awesome use of Content Boxes to promote products and services!

Posted: Fri 18 Aug 2023