January News 2024

And just like that, the holidays are over and we're all back at work. To get you revved up and ready for the year, this month we're focusing on upselling and marketing:

  • Upselling, and why you should be using it
  • Valentine's Day marketing ideas
  • One page sale funnels
  • Building a successful sales funnel
  • Site of the Month
  • Updates
  • Useful links

Upselling & Why You Should Be Using It

Upselling is a sales strategy businesses use to encourage customers to upgrade and purchase a more expensive version of their chosen product, or to include add-ons with their order. Upselling happens during the customer's buying journey when they've added a product to their cart. It can also be used on product pages or pricing pages too.
Learn the reasons why you should be using upselling here:

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Retailers all over New Zealand are in the build up to the 14 February, Valentine's Day. Another American tradition that has become popular here, Valentine's Day has been promoted as a day of love, a time to make grand gestures to your partner with flowers and chocolates. 
But what if you don't sell flowers or chocolates? Can you still promote your products as Valentine's Day gifts? Yes, you can with some clever marketing ideas.

One Page Sales Funnels

A one page eCommerce sales funnel does what a traditional sales funnel does, but in a shorter period of time. A traditional funnel occurs over multiple pages and emails, slowly taking the prospective customer on a journey towards the checkout. But what if you want sales today? Here's where the single page funnel comes into play.

We'll walk you through creating your one page funnel, sharing what types of content is needed at each stage, design tips for your single page funnel and details about pre-framing your funnel before prospects arrive on your website.  

Building a Successful Sales Funnel

Your customers experience many things on their journey towards placing an order on your website. Can you list the things that they see, do, feel and think? Is it a journey they'd recommend others to take? Or is it so off putting that they've left your website, never to return again?

When you create a sales funnel to send your customers through, you are defining every step of their journey, increasing your website's conversion rate. In this article, we'll discuss the four key stages of a sales funnel, share the reasons why you should be using one, list the steps to take when creating a sales funnel and how to measure success and optimise it.

Site of the Month

Minibitz aims to provide the best “one stop shop” service in New Zealand for the classic Mini owner. Their website, recently built by Alice from Wild Paradise Designs, clearly showcases their industry expertise with crisp clear photos and appropriate text. 

Posted: Wed 24 Jan 2024