October News 2023

This October, we've got a landing page focus:

  • Landing page optimisation and CRO
  • Completing a landing page CRO audit
  • What is a landing page?
  • Needing paid website help?
  • Google shopping experience scorecard
  • Site of the Month

Landing Page Optimisation & CRO

In this landing page optimisation guide, we will discuss what a landing page is and how it works, explain what conversion rate optimisation is, elements of a landing page, how to optimise a landing page to increase its conversion rate, and why all of this is important. We will also share tips on how to create high performing ones for your online store.

Completing a Landing Page CRO Audit

You've invested considerable time into planning and creating your landing pages, but like SEO, landing pages are not a set and forget kind of thing. Conducing a landing page CRO audit helps you understand exactly what issues crop up when customers visit which prevent them from converting. In this article, we will revisit what a landing page and conversion rate optimisation are, and the steps to complete a CRO audit on your website. 

What is a Landing Page?

There's often a lot of confusion about what a landing page is. The truth is, a landing page is a page you have specifically created for a set purpose and which you direct a set audience to. While any page on your website could be called a landing page, digital marketers refer to a landing page as being a standalone page with one focused objective - your call to action.

Often you'll find that a landing page is not created with organic traffic in mind. Instead traffic is directed there through other means, such as Facebook ads, AdWords campaigns or links in emails. Because the content has been created for a very specific target audience, a landing page also has a higher conversion rate than other website pages.

Learn more about how landing pages work and what they need to include here.

Needing Paid Website Help?

Did you know that we have a list of partners and consultants whom we recommend for help with your website and your business? 

From IT gurus to help with your email or computer issues, to web designers specialising in our CMS and SEO experts, you can find them all by clicking the link below.

Using the Google Shopping Experience Scorecard

If you use Google Merchant Center, then the new Shopping Experience Scorecard program could be something you may want to look into. Only available for use in specific countries including New Zealand, by participating and meeting specific criteria, you can obtain the 'Trusted Store Badge' which is displayed on your listings and prominent placements on the Google Shopping tab.

Site of the Month

Newlook Australia's website is a new build and design, having recently been moved from a custom platform, completed by Andrew of Fury.

On this eCommerce site, we're loving the clear call to action buttons, the crisp product photos, and the great use of the gallery for before and after photos.

Posted: Thu 26 Oct 2023