July News 2022

We're Green Web Hosts!

Website World are proud to offer green web hosting to all of our customers! 

Green web hosting refers to a website host who is proactive about providing an environmentally friendly method of hosting their customers websites, while reducing their own hosting carbon footprint. 

We have achieved this through two distinct actions: choosing an environmentally friendly data centre service and purchasing excess carbon offsets to obtain a VER or carbon offset certificate. 

This means that when you use our web hosting, you too have a green website and can promote this to your customers and clients!

Solving Rural Delivery Problems 

One of the things we provide our merchants is free rural delivery address detection. We identify rural addresses, and ensure the customer pays the correct courier fees, and hide any shipping options not relevant to a rural customer.

We have made a list of other issues that you may face when sending to a rural address, and given you some ideas of what other merchants have done to reduce these. For example, limiting delivery areas for fresh food, due to rising delivery times.

Take a read of our article for help in identifying and solving rural delivery issues.

Entering The David Awards

Website World are proud to be a sponsor of The David Awards, and we would love to see even more of our customers enter them!

Established to recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand, The David Awards are free to enter and are a great way to promote your business to a wider audience.

There are 8 categories you can enter in, and the entry requirements are considerably smaller than most other business awards.

Head over to their website to learn more about The David Awards, and enter your business today!

Site of the Month - Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud

The website of Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud is a great example of how a business can create a website for niche industry which promotes and sell their products in a variety of ways - fleece, sheepskins, workshops and sheep.

A wide variety of photos have been used to showcase their offerings and it is very nice to see a detailed About Us page with information on the owners and the business.

Posted: Fri 22 Jul 2022