June News 2022

In this month's newsletter, we're focusing on:

  • Making wholesale pricing easy
  • Calculating freight costs
  • Site of the month

Making Wholesale Pricing Easy

Yes, one website really can do it all.

Our platform gives you the ability to cater to both wholesale and retail customers on the same website. It works like this:

  • Retail - retail customers visiting the store will only see retail pricing and purchase at the retail price and quantity. Without having been given access to trade pricing as an authorised user/VIP or trade customer, they will only ever see retail prices.
  • Wholesale - each of your products can have up to 8 additional prices defined to make a customer pricing group or pricing tier. Each product can have a minimum quantity defined to achieve wholesale pricing, so that wholesale customers could buy in cartons or pallets, not single items.
Only authorised wholesale customers will only see the pricing for the specific tier you allocate them, as well as retail pricing. You can allocate each of your wholesale customers to one pricing tier.

Having both wholesale and retail pricing on the same website is a huge advantage for businesses. There's only one site to manage, it contains all of your products and syncs with all of your chosen APIs.

We are more than happy to offer paid consultancy to help you get wholesale pricing up and running on your site, and have multiple free tutorials available for you to use too.

Calculating Freight Costs & Setting These Up

The calculation and setting up of freight costs needs to be done correctly for two reasons; the customer is not over charged, and the business does not under charge the customer, having to pay the extra themselves. Also, as freight costs continue to rise, businesses are left with the hard decision whether to raise the freight costs charged to customers or absorb them themselves. 

Website World can detect rural delivery addresses and enforce any surcharge you wish. Also, freight options can be hidden based upon customer type, letting you offer POA (price on application) to your wholesale customers if you wish, and hide free shipping offers from wholesale customers.

To help you make the best decisions regarding freight for your business, we have listed the ways in which you can calculate freight, courier options which can make the freight calculations for you and how to set up freight costs for your website within the CMS. 

Site of the Month - Wildside Gifts

We were very impressed with the superb product photos and use of white space on Wildside Gift's website. 

When selling online, it is important that you provide the customer with clear and accurate product photos and descriptions. Often these are all the customer is using when they make their purchasing decisions.

Posted: Tue 14 Jun 2022