May News 2022

Profitable Digital Products & Selling These Online

There are plenty of profitable digital products that you can sell online; the challenge is identifying the right ones for your business. And yes, you can sell both digital and physical products from the same website!

We've put together some digital product ideas for you to check out, plus details on how to sell these online, along with some marketing suggestions too. 

Organising Your Products Into Categories

A website with well organised product categories is easier to navigate, easier to find products and results in more sales. Grouping related products together in a category also makes it easier for search engines to find and index both individual categories and products. 

You'll find two easy to follow videos in this article which demonstrate adding categories to an online store.

Sorting products into categories 

Winter Marketing Ideas for Online Stores

Unfreeze your customers' wallets with this collection of hot winter marketing ideas, helping to keep sales coming in during the colder months. 

Winter has arrived, and this arrival should mean your winter marketing plans kick into action. While our local winter campaigns are not based around the major holidays of Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, NZ businesses still have plenty of winter marketing ideas; and we're sharing some of our with you!


Have you seen Jonathan somewhere recently? Maybe building something on TV?

A Lego master in his own right, Jono has created a website for #grablifebythebricks, "an arts academy created to help neurodiverse and their community to have a place to explore metacognition through play and art."

As Jono has said, "With the proper support networks, neurodiverse people make the advances in science, take the biggest strides in technology, create the best educators, are our smartest mathematicians and produce our most incredible art...We want to seek out our neurodiverse and lead them on a journey of self-discovery so they too can go from bits and pieces to bricks and purpose."

Go Jono!

Posted: Thu 26 May 2022