February News 2022

Could you improve your newsletters? Maybe even design your email template? Or grow your subscriber list? This month you can do all of these things because we've got a big focus on email marketing:

Can we improve upon our newsletters? Absolutely, and we'd love if you could reply to this newsletter with suggestions on what you'd like to read more about.

Writing a Newsletter People Will Actually Read

Every business wants to increase the number of people who read their newsletter. As well as sharing the 4 key characteristics that successful newsletters have, we're also listing specific pointers for you to follow when writing your newsletter.

But wait, there's more as we've also made a list of 10 newsletter topic ideas to get you started.

Learn how to write a great newsletter 

Creating an Email Template

What makes a great email template? Well actually, you already know the answer and that's because you've received plenty of great and not so great emails before. The ones that you liked, you were more likely to open, read and follow the calls to actions. The ones that you didn't, you probably didn't read and quickly deleted, and maybe even unsubscribed.

Your own personal knowledge and experience with emails has placed you in a great position to design successful email templates. To supplement this, we've put together a list of the key characteristics a newsletter requires, plus a useful video which demonstrates how to design your own email template. 

See how to design your email template 

Growing Your Email List Subscribers

Your list of email subscribers are a valuable asset. The problem is that its not easy to get people to subscribe to your list!

That's where the information in this article comes into play. We'll also demonstrate in a video how to add a subscriber form to your website!

Get started on growing your email list 

Give Your Website a Fresh Start

Is your website design looking old and in need of a refresh? For $299+GST, our Fresh Start website package could be exactly what you are looking for!

Your website will be updated with one of our mobile responsive themes by one of our web designers, and then you will pick 2 other web design, content or SEO tasks from the list of available options.

The Fresh Start web design package has been designed specifically as a low cost option for owners who want a basic update to the appearance of their website, together with two other small pieces of work.

Learn more about what your options are by visiting the Fresh Start page.

Site of the Month

Dee from Rimu Gully chose the Fresh Start package for her website Rimu Gully. 

As well as an updated website template, Dee requested a redesigned homepage and SEO friendly content for her home page.

 “ I absolutely love what you have both done with the site. It’s so much more professional looking and easier to navigate. Love it all!” - Dee

System Updates

  • Data dictionary created, great for API users

Posted: Thu 24 Feb 2022