March News 2022

As we welcome autumn and the changing weather, it's a great time to start thinking about ways you can make things better for your customers. 

This month, we're focusing on product shipping and packaging, including ways to reduce costs and improve customer experiences:

  • Essentials of eCommerce shipping for NZ retailers
  • Product shipping - what your customers really want to know 
  • How to make a referral & receive a 25% discount on your hosting fees
  • Site of the month
  • System updates
  • Useful links

Essentials of eCommerce Shipping

When selling online, NZ retailers who understand about and use an effective shipping strategy have a key advantage over those who don't. From saving time and money through to increased customer satisfaction and increased sales, the competitive advantages cannot be ignored.

We'll walk you through the shipping process, choosing your shipping strategy, using freight integrations, calculating your shipping costs and what your packaging options are.

What Your Customers Want to Know About Shipping

There's some key information that people shopping on your website want to know before they reach the checkout:

  • what will it cost?
  • do you have free shipping?
  • can I pick my courier?
  • what happens if I need to return something?
  • are you using sustainable packaging?

We take a look at what customers really want to know about in regards to shipping, and where you should put this information.

We also share some great ideas to reduce shipping costs too!

Learn what your shipping info your customers want 

Refer to Website World & Get a 25% Discount

For each and every customer you refer to us, you will receive a 25% discount ongoing for the life of the hosting relationship.

Simply let us know via email that you have made a referral, including their name and yours. We'll record this information within the CMS and once their website goes live, they'll get one month of free hosting - and you'll get a 25% monthly discount off your hosting. Refer 4 friends, and your hosting can be free!

There are some T&Cs, plus additional information on our website on the Affiliates and Referral Discounts page.

Site of the Month - CIA Debt Recovery

CIA Debt Recovery have recently updated their website design, and we're loving the clear calls to action they are using! You can't help but see the bright pink CTA button on the home page, which is also successfully used throughout the website. 

They have also made great use of graphics and white space, making their content easy to understand and find information.

System Updates

  • Verifying domain ownership - domain verification is required for many services like google suite, analytics, etc. They require you to jump through a hoop to prove you are in technical control of your domain name, thus entitled to perform cloud actions related to the domain, such as sending email on behalf of the domain. There are 3 verification methods provided in the domains area. Choose a verification method to match the one provided by the other cloud service. Please note that A&B require your website to be live.Each verification step requires a short wait for publishing or DNS propagation. After completing this step, please wait the suggested time, the continue with the verification at the requesting service.
  • Editing tables - Tables can now be more easily editable in Contentbox or drag and drag drop editors. It's now faster to add/duplicate/delete rows, and a settings popup lets you insert or delete columns, or style other elements. Tables often display too wide in mobile, but do render some information better, where tabular style format is necessary. Stay tuned for a new preformatted table snippets area, to replace the table creator hidden in the toolbar.

Posted: Fri 25 Mar 2022