January News 2022

022 has arrived and the Website World team are back and ready to go! 

We're kicking off this year by introducing our Fresh Start website package, designed for the budget conscious small website owner wanting a quick website makeover.

If you're wanting to DIY your web design, we've put together some resources to help you get started.

  • Introducing the Fresh Start website package
  • DIY web design resources
  • System Updates

Fresh Start Web Design Package

Is your website design looking old and in need of a refresh? For $299+GST, our Fresh Start website package could be exactly what you are looking for!

Your website will be updated with one of our mobile responsive themes by one of our web designers, and then you will pick 2 other web design, content or SEO tasks from the list of available options.

The Fresh Start web design package has been designed specifically as a low cost option for owners who want a basic update to the appearance of their website, together with two other small pieces of work.

Learn more about what your options are by visiting the Fresh Start page.

DIY Web Design Resources

We've put together a list of resources to help you design or redesign your website. You'll also find some great instructional videos available on our YouTube channel too.

DIY Website design is easily achieved using our free website templates. Save money on web design fees by selecting a professionally styled template and uploading your own content and imagery.

Personalise your website with your own banner graphic and logo graphic. We avoid the use of clipart imagery, and focus on colour and style themes, so that your brand and product images will stand out. 

View DIY Web Design Resources 

System Updates

  • Order Status - Processing - If you wish to mark orders as Processing, then this allows you to filer for orders that are "Processing" being picked, being made, worked on etc.. The old "ready to ship" filter has now been split up... Ready to Process, means it's paid and unshipped and not in any other transitory status. Whereas, Ready to ship, now strictly means that it was marked as "ready to ship", as well as a "ready to collect" filter.
  • Product not found - a more appealing page is displaying when a product is not found. Status is still 404 to keep Google happy, to remove old products from their index. But customer has a route to consider other products or categories and continue shopping. Same page will display when a category is blocked.
  • Introducing quotes -  A quote is simply an order with the status of "quote" and you should choose the "Quote/Estimate" documentation to print/email. Quotes are currently only available within the internal CMS create order function. At the last step, use the drop down box to select a save/send quote option. In the near future we will role it out to POS.
    Quotes will "hold stock" the same way as any normal order. 

Posted: Mon 24 Jan 2022