October News 2021

We're all about supporting and promoting our eCommerce merchants where we can. So we're incredibly excited to introduce Our Market and how you can promote your products to a wider audience, for free! 

In this month's newsletter, we'll share more details including: 

  • Introducing Our Market
  • Classifying your product categories
  • $20 gift card for reviews
  • Retail NZ partnership
  • Site of the Month 
  • Training Video of the Month

Introducing Our Market

Our Market is still under construction, but we wanted to let our merchants know about this opportunity first! 

Our Market displays over 500,000 in-stock products from our NZ based merchants We believe it will promote our merchants' products to a wider audience and attract new customers for them - with no fees!

There are some rules for being included in this market place. Your products must be priced over $1, they must be in stock, and your business must be based in NZ. We want customers to feel confident when they shop in this marketplace, that they will receive items promptly. It is important to check your product stock settings, and mark those which are out of stock to prevent them being listed.

Customers can enter the name of a product, choose a category to browse - or both. Filtering by price and category is available, making it easy for a customer to find the right product within a desired price range.

When a customer is ready to purchase one of your products, they will be directed to your website to complete the purchase as usual. There are no sales fees charged by us.

How to Classify Your Product Categories

You will need to classify your categories to be included within Our Market. Most businesses will have all of their categories listed within the same generic classification, with some choosing to classify some of their listings differently.

We have made an effort to categorize products as best we can. Merchants can associate their categories with our generic categories under "SEO" tab, then "Marketplace Category Associations". 

There is also a category called "Opt Out" should you want to opt out. We will promoting this market place widely in coming weeks, and over the next year, we will expand this market place to offer more search options, ratings/reviews, and more promotional options.

By taking the time to correctly classify your products and align them as best you can with our generic categories, you will significantly increase the likelihood of your products being seen and purchased by Our Market visitors.

$20 Gift Card for Reviews

Capterra is a international website which helps people select different types of software, including eCommerce platforms. Users give a review on software they have used, which helps others decide if it is right for them.

Capterra are offering a $20 voucher for the first 100 eligible reviewer who leave Website World a review on their website. We'd like to encourage you to do this and share your experiences with using Website World.

We are now a Preferred Partner of Retail NZ

We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnered with Retail NZ. As Aotearoa’s leading retailers’ association, Retail NZ stands for your business success. With Retail NZ, business owners get the latest New Zealand updates, advice, advocacy, financial savings, upskilling and insights. If you’re a biz leader, owner, founder, entrepreneur or manager, and you’re looking for business guidance or support, then Retail NZ is here for you!

Site of the Month

We'd like to highlight the grey place's website this month. The website was imported from another platform, maintaining the original look and feel of the original design.

To complete this migration we needed to add some new features to the CMS, focused on the needs of a typical art gallery. An art gallery needs to manage the artworks of several artists, and also run exhibitions with collaborations from several artists. An exhibition links back to the artist(s), as well as from the artworks back to the artist. The size of the artwork is clearly communicated on the product view page. 

This website makes use of a new feature for "category banners" as a hero image on the category page. This feature could be used by any ecommerce business. See an example of this feature.

Video of the Month

In this video available through our YouTube channel, we demonstrate how to add sitewide messages which can be used to let customers know about closures, delivery timeframes or holidays.

An example of a current use is to let customers know when the last day of ordering to ensure Christmas delivery occurs. 

Posted: Fri 29 Oct 2021