September News 2021

This month we're focusing on using cloud eco-systems and how they can help streamline your business. With Covid going nowhere fast, we all need to adapt the ways in which we work, interact with others and sell our products or services.

  • Using our cloud ecosystem
  • New integrations for your website
  • Free Marketing Consultation from ReachLocal 
  • Site of the month - Ian Blackwell
  • System Updates
  • Useful Links

Using Our Cloud Ecosystem 

Our cloud ecosystem connects many different cloud service providers with your website built using our website builder. This gives your business the functionality it needs to streamline your business processes, with the ability to scale up and down when required. 

We have 50+ integrated cloud partners including Xero, MYOB, Vend, and Unleashed in our ecosystem. These providers span the needs of  Accounting, Inventory, POS, Marketing, Freight/Shipping and more - you can view them all here. 

New Platform Partners

We have several new integration partners available for use with websites built upon our platform. These can help to streamline your business processes and improve business efficiency. 

Remember to regularly check our list of integrations and partners as they are continually being updated

View All Cloud Partners 

Distance Time Freight Calculator

Do you have a truck, or delivery van? Would you like to calculate the cost of freight for customers by the actual delivery distance and time from your depot/kitchen?

This freight option is perfect for large goods delivery, tow trucks, cake makers, or caterers. 

This calculator works just like any other freight option, but carefully calculates a total freight price based on live access to google distance API

Distance Time Freight Calculator 

Free Marketing Consultation

Website World has teamed up with Reach Local to provide an amazing marketing platform to our customers. 

ReachLocal provides businesses with leading digital marketing solutions, leveraging 14+ years of marketing intelligence, and a team of dedicated experts who partner with you for success. Working with technology partners we'll get you in front of consumers wherever they surf, research, or socialise online' so you can convert more customers.

Andrea Cronin, from Reach Local, is offering a free initial consultation.

Request Free Consultation

Site of the Month

Ready to be wowed with a stunning new website and equally amazing products? Andrew has recently completed designing a new website for Ian Blackwell, taking advantage of the new work he has done on updating the capabilities of the banner and caption engines within the CMS.

Together with great product photos, branding and the new features within the ContentBox editor, this is one stunning eCommerce website.

View website

System Updates

  • Automatic language translations. We will be rolling out language updates in coming days/weeks, that will automatically convert checkout and enquiry form prompts to a customers own language, based on the language of their computer/browser. Some initial updates include "Chinese Simplified" and "Maori".
  • This is applicable in Drag and Drop, or Content Box modes. You will need to clear your cache to access. 
  • New features and options. Add Sale/Featured/Out of stock ribbons/stamps to your products. Add color swatches to your product list pages. New option display formats (Circle cropped swatches, minimal layout.) And "Button Sets" display format, is great for uncluttered, single click, option selection. You can now upload swatches to your "Global Colours, Styles, Sizes" and reference these by option text name on your variant colour/style/size. If the text matches, then the global swatch will be used. If you want an alternative swatch, please upload a swatch into the colours/style/size area for the specific product, or subtly name your option so it does not match the global option.
  • Mega menus. You choose! Mega menus will become slower to reveal, so they do not clutter the view for new users. If you want to use megamenus (or not use them at all), you can now choose your settings under ACCOUNTS, then UI SETTINGS tab.
  • Discounts. Discounted variant pricing will soon display in the same manor as other product pricing when discounts are active. Previously, customers had to purchase the variant, to see the final discounted price. By default, variant option boxes usually show a "price difference", rather than a final price, but some display options show a full price. That full price will now show discounted amounts, if for example, you have a 50% discount in a category, that will now show those discounts in the drop down boxes... Depending on the layout, it may or may not, show a crossed out RRP price. This later option is "single radio button full price", that shows RRP crossed out, then the discounted price. 
  • Checkout. Need full names at checkout? You can now tick a box to make full names mandatory. The definition of a full name is 2 words separated by a space. This is useful for some couriers, APIs and payment gateways that will reject single names. Consider that in some cultures and languages, that names may not conform to a European naming convention. Enable or disable as you wish.
  • Appointment Scheduling. Booking management is now available within the POS screen. You can filter/order the order list a similar way, based on booking start date/time.
  • Trade pricing. If you have both retail and trade pricing running in the same shopping page, you may have a situation, where you want your trade customers to have a minimum order quantity of 10, but allow your retail customers to buy single items. This can now be achieved on the product pricing page, via Min Trade Qty.
  • Freight. Using Google Maps, we calculate the distance and time, from A to B, and you can multiply that by your own rates. That calculates a price, and if the customer likes it, they can choose that delivery method. This could be useful for delivering other perishable goods, or if you want to build your own delivery round each day.

Posted: Tue 28 Sep 2021