April News 2021

Hansel and Gretel may have thought they knew a lot about breadcrumbs, and to a point, they did. They knew that a trail of breadcrumbs would help show them where they had been, helping them find their way back home. The same goes for breadcrumbs on your website, except these are unable to be eaten by birds - we promise!

Using the right website fonts is also important to help your visitors navigate your site. Too small, the wrong colour or shape makes them hard to see and is off-putting. End result is the visitor is more likely to leave your site than to stay.

This month our newsletter focuses upon:

Breadcrumbs & Why Your Website Needs Them

The experience a visitor has while on your website plays a significant role in how long they stay, how many pages they visit and what they do as a result of their visit. Breadcrumbs can help improve this UX or user experience, while also helping with your SEO. In this article we discuss what breadcrumbs are, the benefits of using them and how to add them to your website. 

Plus there is a video at the end to demonstrate adding breadcrumbs to your website.

 Read the article and watch the video here.

Choosing Website Fonts

Designing a website is easy, especially when we've done all the hard work. Choosing the right fonts for it isn't so easy, especially if your branding identity doesn't have any defined. Your chosen website font is one which helps tie in all the other elements within your website, including your logo, colour scheme, navigation and layout. Then it also needs to be easily readable regardless of the type of device it is viewed.

To make things simpler, we've put together some things to consider when picking your website fonts, along with examples of popular web fonts. 

We've also added a video on how to add Google Fonts to your website.

Site of the Month

Kerry Well Natural Health has recently had their new website designed by Andrew from Fury. Clean and fresh looking, it makes great use of imagery, gives clear calls to action and makes it easy for clients to contact the owner Kerry.

View Kerry Well Natural Health's website here.

Video of the Month

POS or Point of Sale system is available free with our eCommerce SSL plans. Integrated within the CMS, one of its key features is the ability to provide real time inventory data, great for when you sell online and in person. 

You can watch this and other video tutorials here. 

Posted: Tue 13 Apr 2021