December News 2020

As we reach the last few weeks of the year, all the team here at Website World would like to acknowledge and thank you for the support you have given us this year. It's been an interesting year to say the least, and we've loved seeing the effort our customers have put into their businesses to help them get through 2020.

Our support desk runs on a skeleton crew over the Christmas and New Year period and will be unavailable for training/design support from 5pm on the 24th December through to 9am on the 11th January. During this time, email support will be available only for emergency situations such as website or email outages, or other issues which cause an impediment to the business function of a website. 

We wish you and your family a happy and relaxing holiday season and look forward to catching up with you in the New Year.

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Social Media Christmas Marketing Ideas

Once again we're heading into Christmas and the pressure is on to sell-sell-sell. With almost every business pushing their products on social media, it is easy to become lost in all the hustle and bustle. This makes it even more important that both what you post and how you post it gets noticed.

We've put together a collection of social media Christmas marketing ideas to help you ring the bells this Christmas; your till bells.

Read more here.

30 Brilliant Christmas Quotes for Social Media Posts

Needing some cute, snappy or funny Christmas quotes to share on your business social media posts over the silly season? We've done some research and put together this list of 30 just for you! 

Turn them into graphics, add them to videos or simply share as text to engage your audience over the lead up to Christmas.

Read the article here.

Should I Take My Website Offline for the Holidays?

Is Taking Your Website Offline for the Holidays a Smart Decision?

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. With no such thing as a free lunch, it seems an easy solution disable your website for the time you are away. But we’re saying, no, don’t do it and in this article we'll explain why and what you can do instead. 

Read more here.

Website of the Month

Our reseller Rus from WebFoot has designed a brilliant website for their client Spice n Easy. With a rotating home page banner, excellent use of product photos and branding, this eCommerce website is a pleasure to view and use. 

View the website here.

Website Migration with Perfect SEO Link Juice

We can now import websites from most other CMS and shopping platforms, maintaining perfect SEO link juice and full replication of the existing template and content. 

The migration service takes a perfect snapshot of all SEO meta tags and URL filenames, ensuring that all pages are in the right place, and specifying the same SEO information, just as Google is used to seeing prior to migration. 

After migration, you can then use our SEO tools to manage your meta tags yourself, and further improve your google ranking, without worrying about implementing 301 redirects. That step is not necessary, as your site map has been maintained.

To learn more about how this works, here are two articles for you to read:

System Updates

  • #FormBuilder It is now easier to edit form fields, prompts, and navigate around form fields when building your own custom enquiry forms. For example, if you have lots of radio buttons of the same name, you can rename all at once, and quickly edit each value..
    These custom forms are great for capturing all sorts of information from new or existing customers, and multiple responses can be downloaded as a spreadsheet / csv export. So you can then compile the results of surveys or import data into other systems.
    We also have custom membership forms, which are a different feature, focused on creating new member records, with associated long term data.
  • #Analytics - Google analytics is a very large platform now. If you are upgrading to V4 analytics, then it is the "Measurement ID" you need to put in our Google Tag Manager ID box... not the "Stream ID"... You can confirm you have the right one, if you see the ID in the gtag.js code provided by Analytics...
  • Drag/Drop v7 and Content Box v7 is now live.We have moved many of the popups into draggable iframe based modals. This allows us to develop and expand individual popup features of both editor modes, without needing to deploy a full update to the whole application. This should create more stability moving forward.

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2020