September News 2020

As we get closer to Christmas, many eCommerce businesses start ordering more stock ready to sell. Keeping track of this inventory can take up precious time in an already busy day. Using the inventory management system included within the CMS is one tool available to all Website World users, but there are numerous external options available too. TidyStock is a paid inventory solution and can be integrated with our CMS, and is worth looking into for businesses with larger quantities of stock.

  • Introducing TidyStock
  • Tips On Selling Art Online
  • Understanding Search Intent
  • Website of the Month - Ground Keepers
  • Website Migration
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars (New Sessions)
  • Featured Support Videos
  • Professional website design options
  • WordPress and PHP websites
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  • Recent Go Lives

Introducing TidyStock

TidyStock is an inventory management system which integrates with our eCommerce shopping cart to provide B2B and B2C facilities for your business. A paid inventory solution, TidyStock offers multiple benefits including: 

  • Seamlessly syncing of inventory items, customers, pricing, and stock levels to Website World
  • Increased transparency of where your inventory is located at every stage of your supply chain
  • Integration with Xero and many other value-adding apps
  • Creation and management of price tiers, quantity, and customer specific pricing
  • Increasing the visibility of your stock levels, through real-time analytics and reports
  • Managing stock in multiple locations and multiple currencies

Integration with Website World is easy and instructions on how to do this can be found here on our website. To learn more about how TidyStock could help you save time and make running your business easier click here.

Or to start your free 14 day trial of Tidy Stock, click here.

Tips On Selling Art Online

When selling art online, first impressions count. The website of an artist must not only look great, showcase their artwork and be easy to use. An artist's website also needs to have well written product descriptions, multiple high quality photos of the artwork and a price.

Our Website World eCommerce platform is ideal for selling artwork upon, and we're going to not only show you why, but also share tips on how you can improve your own eCommerce artist website.

Read the article here.

Understanding Search Intent

Search intent is the term used to describe the reason why someone uses a search engine. For Google, meeting a person's search intent is their number one goal. That's because if they display exactly what the user is looking for, they will continue to use Google's search engine. This means Google gets more users, which means more businesses want to pay for Google Ads.

What does this mean for your SEO? It means that you need to create content that aligns with the search intent of your target audience.To do this, you'll need to firstly understand the four types of search intent and then how to optimise for it. We're covering all of this for you in this article.

Read the article here.

Website of the Month

Kristen from Ground Keepers has done a great job designing her website. On the home page, the use of a slider to demonstrate before and after photos of their work was well utilised. This slider is available under the Content Box editor.

Click here to view Ground Keepers' website

Automatic Payment via Credit Card

Automatic bill payments are now available for credit card payments in NZD. If you opt in, we will automatically deduct the amount owing on your invoice, on the 14th of each month. (being about 2 weeks after you receive your invoice). We also now offer account2account online banking payment service by WindCave. This new payment option is for paying your Website World bills.

We hope to roll out a similar feature for those of you in the subscription business, so that you can better manage your customer subscriptions... It is more complicated than many appreciate, to reconcile these sorts of subscriptions. Stay tuned in a few months time for this feature, linked to limited payment methods, eg WindCave and Stripe.

Website Migration with Perfect SEO Link Juice

We can now import websites from most other CMS and shopping platforms, maintaining perfect SEO link juice and full replication of the existing template and content. 

The migration service takes a perfect snapshot of all SEO meta tags and URL filenames, ensuring that all pages are in the right place, and specifying the same SEO information, just as Google is used to seeing prior to migration. 

After migration, you can then use our SEO tools to manage your meta tags yourself, and further improve your google ranking, without worrying about implementing 301 redirects. That step is not necessary, as your site map has been maintained.

To learn more about how this works, here are two articles for you to read:

System Updates

  • UI design changes have been made and the colour setup area has been merged to allow access to many more element styling features.
  • Backorders - You can now search for orders that are "Partially Shipped", "Out of stock", "All In Stock".... These options are great for identifying which queued orders now have all stock to fulfill, and are therefore ready to send... Please note that back orders can allow product inventory to go into negative, so the definition of in stock, is when the stock count is 0 or more... as a stock count of 0, with an outstanding order, means that the stock on the shelf is allocated to the current order, or sufficient to complete the current order.... When doing stock counts, you need to consider orders in the queue.
  • You can now setup WindCave as a repeating payment option.
    If your customers login, they can make repeat purchases, without entering credit cards details. The first time it will remember their credit card, and in future, give them the option at checkout to reuse their card details on file.
    Security note, the card details are held securely by WindCave. We do not store any credit card details in our database. We store a billing token, that combined with your merchant account, allows you or your customer make future payments more easily.
    You should adjust your terms and conditions to accommodate this functionality, such that it is good business practice.
  • Split order lines. In the shipping area, you can now split order lines if the quantity is greater than 1, so that you can ship some order lines earlier, and some later... this is a new feature, please provide feedback if you experience any issues.... You can also hold back orderlines from shipping APIs, so that those lines do not affect the total weight of the order when pricing is calculated.

Posted: Fri 25 Sep 2020