August News 2020

31st August 2020 sees the team here at Website World celebrating 20 years in business! We thought that we'd take the time this month to reflect on this journey and share it with you.

This month we also welcomed two new developers to our team, John and Ashfaq. They will be providing some front line support, as well as building lots of new features in the back end, and working closely with our API partners. We'll let them hit the ground running for now and bring you more about them next month.

August has also seen the reemergence of Covid into the community, and with that the reminder that having an online presence is more important than ever. If you are in need of a website, or want to move your existing website to us, get in touch.

This month, we invite you to read:

  • Celebrating 20 Years in Business
  • COVID-19 eCommerce Response Guide
  • Website of the Month - Bee Kiwi
  • Automatic Credit Card Payment Option
  • Website Migration
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars (New Sessions)
  • Featured Support Videos
  • Professional website design options
  • WordPress and PHP websites
  • Need training? 
  • Referral Discounts
  • Recent Go Lives

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Times have certainly changed since we opened the doors of Web Widgets in 2000! From logos and colours, through to the way our website looks and functions, big improvements have been made.

Take a read to learn more about what has happened during the past 20 years by clicking here. 

COVID-19 ecommerce Response Guide

We have created a downloadable free COVID-19 eCommerce Response Guide specifically for New Zealand businesses. It contains a lot of useful information about running a business through these challenging times.

Download your copy here.

Website of the Month

Bee Kiwi have created themselves a stunner (not stinger) of a website using the Website World eCommerce platform. With crisp and clear product photos,  together with use of their brand colours and well-thought out white space, it certainly entices customers to purchase from their website.

Click here to view Bee Kiwi's website.

Automatic Payment via Credit Card

Automatic bill payments are now available for credit card payments in NZD. If you opt in, we will automatically deduct the amount owing on your invoice, on the 14th of each month. (being about 2 weeks after you receive your invoice). We also now offer account2account online banking payment service by WindCave. This new payment option is for paying your Website World bills.

We hope to roll out a similar feature for those of you in the subscription business, so that you can better manage your customer subscriptions... It is more complicated than many appreciate, to reconcile these sorts of subscriptions. Stay tuned in a few months time for this feature, linked to limited payment methods, eg WindCave and Stripe.

Website Migration with Perfect SEO Link Juice

We can now import websites from most other CMS and shopping platforms, maintaining perfect SEO link juice and full replication of the existing template and content. 

The migration service takes a perfect snapshot of all SEO meta tags and URL filenames, ensuring that all pages are in the right place, and specifying the same SEO information, just as Google is used to seeing prior to migration. 

After migration, you can then use our SEO tools to manage your meta tags yourself, and further improve your google ranking, without worrying about implementing 301 redirects. That step is not necessary, as your site map has been maintained.

To learn more about how this works, here are two articles for you to read:

System Updates

    • Email Campaigns - Lead Magnets.
If you use email campaigns and have previously been flummoxed by how to set it up properly, well it has just got a little easier.
First of all, an email campaign is a sequence of emails that run through in step order. The timing of when a customer gets an email, depends on when they were first subscribed to the list, and there after, based on the step delay between each email.
There are now a few ways to subscribe a member to a campaign.
- select a campaign on any subscribe/register page setup area
- select a campaign on any blog lead magnet (Subscribe to get xyz)
- select a campaign as a product automation option (requires paid status to actually complete the subscription)
- directly subscribe a member to a campaign step
- or setup a complicated automatic subscribe rule...
  • #member #enquiry When viewing a member enquiry, the full member frame is now visible, giving you fast access to a members history. We hope it is handy to see how many orders a customer has made for example, when they enquire.  Or provide them a login reminder, etc.  Or login as that customer, to see what they might be experiencing when they login to your website.
  • Link/URL wizard search, you can now search for products/blogs/pages/categories/listings, which is handy for those of you with big websites
  • Customer Enquiry attachment files. We have made an update to how files are managed when a customer enquiries and submits a file. Files are now saved with the enquiry in the CMS, so can be viewed/managed that way. We are progressing to make the enquiry area a collaborative ticketing/job management system... (so you can do away with email)... The tight integration of ecommerce database and enquiry messages makes for some workflow enhancements.
  • #Enquiries area has had some upgrades. We will be promoting this area to a top blue tab in the near future. You can now enter a free text status message against any enquiry. Or mark a enquiry as completed. Alternatively you can add a note against a customer/member record. Customer notes will be visible to admin staff across multiple messages , where as enquiry status is per enquiry.
  • #CannedResponses make replying to customers more streamlined with Canned Responses...
    These might be typical instructions, or typical responses, or T&C or similar. Canned responses can include images from your website, and other richly formatted content.
  • #ParcelPort courier option have completed their integration with us... If you would like to try this, please login to Parcel Port, then => Setting => E-Commerce/3rd Party Integrations => Websitebuilder => Authenticate.
  • Subscription Systems. We can now automate recurring billing with payment reconciliation for WindCave payment option. This suits a weekly or monthly subscription service, such as a "food box". Customers can "vary" their orders. Payment is processed shortly after an order is processed. Then a new draft order is created, and the customer can login and cancel the draft order (or edit the draft order). When the target renewal date is reached, the open order will be submitted, and paid, and the process will begin again. This process is available with any payment option, but only with Windcave, can we repeat the billing part automatically without customer activity. If you would like to learn more about automating subscriptions, please request a paid consultancy call, and we will help you set this up, and talk you through the complexities of subscriptions.
  • Click to edit mode (aka live edit) has had several upgrades. It's sometimes easier to navigate your website to find the areas you want to change, with some hidden places revealed where you can insert text messages. A new SEO tab will follow you as you navigate, showing you the current SEO settings for each page, category or product.

Posted: Thu 13 Aug 2020