March Covid News 2020

Since Wednesday, all non essential businesses in New Zealand have had to shut or implement work from home strategies.

Our team are all working from our individual homes, with our email, phone and Facebook group support still available for everyone. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Our Response to COVID-19

We've put together a collection of helpful tips and advice to support your business through lockdown and come out the other side ready to begin trading again.

Make use of the extra time you have at home to make some design improvements on your website. This could also include adding digital products to sell or use as a marketing tool. 

Here is a collection of other articles we've written regarding working from home and starting up an online business.

Social media is also a way to remain connected with your customers, build those relationships and keep your business in the front of their minds.

SEO and content marketing are now even more vital for a website, as they provide free traffic from search engines. Here are some articles explaining what you can do to make your content amazing:

Posted: Fri 27 Mar 2020