WebWidgets July Newsletter

In this issue of WebWidgets News, July 2007... 

  • Thousands of new design templates
  • Attention late payers
  • Trial website customers
  • Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007
  • Standard Pricing Information
  • 5 new websites of the month 

Thousands of New Design Templates Available

Thousands of new template designs are now available for you to access on our website wizard.  We can import most of these designs for you for only $200. We can carry out further customisations to these templates at our standard hourly rate of $75. Most menus in these designs are static. If you want to be able to add/delete menu pages, we can create a dynamic menu based on your design for an additional $300.


Attention Late Payers

Although we would prefer not to have to take websites offline for payment, we have had to develop a new automated overdue payments system.  This means that any customer with accounts in arrears will have their website taken offline until payment is received. This is an automatic process, so please do not take personal offence if this happens to you. It is extremely important that you setup an automatic payment or ensure that all invoices are paid regularly. If you are paying by cheque, you need to allow plenty of time for the cheque to be posted and received and cleared. We have allowed plenty of leeway before taking sites offline, so sites that go offline are definitely 60 days in arrears. We will send 3 special overdue reminders closer to the date of disconnection. We do not delete your website, and you can still access your website to view orders and make changes.  However your domain names will not be active nor renewed until any arrears are paid.


Trial Customers

Is it extremely important that you contact us within 30 days if you want your website trial to continue.

If you do not contact us, your website trial will now be automatically deleted.


Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

A new law, the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, comes into effect on 5th September 2007. This law prohibts the sending of unsolicited electronic messages. Some of the requirements are automatically implemented by our servers. eg we provide the unsubscribe functionality in real time, ensuring a customer receives no more than 1 message if they unsubscribe. 

However, there are significant rules that you must comply with:

  • When sending emails, you must provide a real return email address. You must be able to answer any replies to your emails.
  • Please consider this statement: "A person who contends that a recipient consented to receiving a commercial electronic message has the onus of proof in relation to that matter."
  • When adding new email addresses to your list, the "onus of proof" is on you to provide evidence of your perceived right to initiate an email message to each and every person. Our servers record the date and time at which a member record was created through a specific mailing list subscription, or via a purchase or communication through your website, where that customer provided their email address themselves. It is our belief that you can infer the right to communicate with your customers if they have entered their email address on your website. However, this is not a legal advice.
  • You should make your own judgement on the law for your own business. Once the law has been tested in the courts, we may revise our opinion. We provide options to create a manual opt in/out tick box at the moment when addresses would normally have been harvested. You have the option to give security levels to members, and to exclude lower level members from your bulk emails. We provide the tools, it is up to you to obey the law.

Review the law in more detail at this URL


Standard Pricing Changes

It can sometimes be difficult to work out what support we can provide for free and where training begins. We have a new standard pricing page that will give you a rough estimate of what we are likely to charge for various items.  We hope this will help to differentiate between chargeable work and non-chargeable support.  
Click here to review our optional web design fees


Websites of the Month

Has your website gone live recently?  How did you find the experience of building a website?  If you would like your site to be profiled in our upcoming website profile feature in next month's newsletter, please contact us with your comments. 

Kind regards
Emma, Reuben and Albie
The WebWidgets Team

Posted: Tue 17 Jul 2007