August News 2019

Videos are powerful tools which can promote your business and get more traffic to your website.

In this month's newsletter, we're focusing on explaining how you can use video marketing for your business, including details about:

  • 7 Free Video Editing Software Programs
  • Using Videos On Your Website
  • Reaping the Benefits of Video Marketing
  • Choosing Your Product Photography Tools
  • Ratings & Reviews Widget
  • The David Awards - Small Business Awards - closing 20th August!
  • Domain Pricing Changes
  • Sites of the Month
  • Website Migration
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars (New Sessions)
  • Featured Support Videos
  • Professional website design options
  • WordPress and PHP websites
  • Need training? 
  • Referral Discounts
  • Recent Go Lives

Top 7 Free Video Editing Software Programs

Videos hold the power that words and images do not. As more and more people create videos to share on their websites and social media accounts, finding a way to edit these videos quickly and cheaply becomes a priority. We thought we'd go one better than cheap, and found seven free video editing software programs to share instead!

We'll give you links, plus a quick rundown of each one for you.

Read the article here.

Using Videos On Your Website: Exploring the Whys & Hows

Videos are powerful.

There. We've said it. Videos on your website are incredibly powerful tools you can use to convert visitors into loyal customers. It's true that uploading videos to your website can increase your site's loading time, and that's not a good thing. However, this can be removed by using a few special tricks which we're also explaining.

Let us walk you through the benefits of using videos on your website, followed by seven tips on how to create amazing videos, and finally, how to include them on your website pages.

Read more here

Reaping the Benefits of Video Marketing

Everyone is using video marketing; or are they? Actually, those using video marketing are the odd ones out. More businesses are sticking with traditional forms of marketing such as print, digital ads or social media. So why are we continually hearing about video marketing and being told to use it?

It's popular because it works. We're hearing about it, or seeing examples of it in action, because it works. We're being told to use it because, well, it works.

The biggest issue regarding its use is a lack of knowledge. In this article, we'll explain specifics about:

  • what video marketing is
  • the benefits of using video marketing
  • the reasons why video marketing works

Choosing Your Product Photography Tools

Your product photos are often the deciding factor as to whether someone purchases your product from your website or not. To take amazing product photos, you need the right tools. Some of the most commonly used product photography tools include:

  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Tripod
  • Light box or tent
  • Backdrop
  • Lighting
  • Photo editing software

We'll look at the uses, pros and cons of each of these individually.

Read the article here.

Rating & Reviews Widget

Website World now offers eCommerce sites the option of enabling a reviews and rating system to your website.

  • The 5 stars rating widget will appear just below the buy button. Users can see the current rating with full stars, and they can click on the stars to popup a rating/review widget. 

    You can enable this widget in the customise shopping area, in the view product section .

  • The popup rating/review form allows users to post their review/rating. Either click the rating stars or the the REVIEW button in the reviews tab to see this form. This form requests their email / robot captcha only if they are not logged in, nor following a link from a ratings / review email. 

  • An email can be sent to customers after a selected amount of time, prompting the customer to make ratings or reviews. This can be enabled in the customise shopping area, in the notifications section. 

    When a customer clicks on a link in the rating/review email, they do not need to login, nor enter their email nor complete a robot captcha. They can complete a rating in a single click, and optionally add review text after that.

For further information on the new reviews and ratings widget, check out our CMS Help website.

Posted: Mon 19 Aug 2019