July News 2019

Writing the page content and product descriptions for a website is challenging for many business owners. 

This month, we're focusing on explaining just how important the written content on your website is, plus tips on how to make writing it a less arduous job!

  • The David Awards - Small Business Awards
  • Why Written Content is Important for a Website
  • How to Write High Converting Product Descriptions
  • Increase Sales By Giving Your Product Pages a Makeover
  • Product Reviews Using Stamped.io
  • The Art of Fast Websites 
  • Domain Pricing Changes
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  • Website Migration
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars (New Sessions)
  • Featured Support Videos
  • Professional website design options
  • WordPress and PHP websites
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The David Awards are back!

Entries close 16th August

Open to all NZ Small Businesses.

The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand. They acknowledge the tenacity, courage and ingenuity that place these business owners firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.

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Why Written Content is Important for a Website

Not only is the written content on your website a huge factor in search engine rankings, but it also is vital when it comes to website conversions. Along with the usability or UX of your website, the written content plays a significant role in the success of your business online. 

In this article, we explain the reasons why you would want to improve your website content. Then we'll share some tips on how to write highly successful content for your website.

Read the article here.

How to Write High Converting Product Descriptions

Like all the other pages on your website, your product description provides an opportunity for your website to be found and ranked by search engines. 

This means that when writing your product description, you need to consider two things: firstly it needs to convince the reader to buy your product and secondly, it needs to be found by search engines so someone can read it! 

It can be a chicken and egg situation in deciding which of these two things you should concentrate on first, so today we're explaining how to do both - at the same time! 

We're also going to list the characteristics a great product description has, plus show you how to write product descriptions which really sell! 

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Increase Sales By Giving Your Product Pages a Makeover

Your product pages are ultimately where customers decide to purchase a product from your website. They use several pieces of information from your site to make this decision, including:

  • photos
  • price
  • product description
  • page layout
  • headings
  • page colours
  • calls to action
  • reviews and testimonials

A quarterly review of your product pages gives you the opportunity to identify what is and isn't working, plus make any adjustments to improve sale numbers. To help you do this, we've put together a comprehensive list of things for you to work check and work through. Then we're explaining what the benefits are of regularly updating your product pages, and share some tips on improving the design of a product page.

Using Stamped.io for Product Reviews

We're excited to announce that Stamped.io is now integrated with Website World! Used to gather and display ratings and reviews from customers on an eCommerce website, Stamped.io is proving very popular with our customers.

Silversky has recently begun using Stamped.io to display ratings and reviews from their customers, and it's looking great! 

View Silversky's website here.

The Art of Fast Websites

Ready to learn the tricks we use to make our websites super fast, faster than any famous CDN provider around the world?

The typical WordPress website struggles to load within 1 second. But websites powered by Website World use enhanced caching technologies to deliver near instant speeds of between 50 and 200 milliseconds from all corners of the globe

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Domain Pricing Changes

Website World now offers over 400 domain suffix options, ranging in prices from as little as $11.50 per year. 

The most common domain suffixes are now available for a discount price of $23 per year. This price remains competitive in the industry which has seen price rises, and FX rates affecting prices of international domains. Renewals remain at the same price so long as your website status is live.  

Review Domain Pricing and Suffix Options 

Posted: Thu 18 Jul 2019