May News 2019

When selling online, it's impossible to know what your sales will be from month to month. The many variables: (the time of the year, speciall events, celebrations, search engine algorithm updates and the economy), cause stress for many eCommerce store owners. 

However there are actions you can take which can increase the number of sales your website makes, and that's what we're focusing on sharing with you this month.

  • The David Awards - Small Business Awards
  • Using Calls to Action
  • Identifying Your Unique Selling Points
  • Guide to Pricing Your Products
  • Setting Wholesale Pricing for Handmade Products
  • Managing Negative Comments on Social Media
  • Discount Website Design Offer
  • Discounted Web Hosting
  • Sites of the Month
  • Website Migration
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars (New Sessions)
  • Featured Support Videos
  • Professional website design options
  • WordPress and PHP websites
  • Need training? 
  • Referral Discounts
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The David Awards are back!

Entries open 1st May 2019

Open to all NZ Small Businesses.

The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand. They acknowledge the tenacity, courage and ingenuity that place these business owners firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.

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What Is a Call to Action & How Are They Used?

A call to action is exactly what it sounds like: you tell someone what action they should do next. Read to the end of this article. Buy my products now. Look through my art gallery. A call to action or CTA, is a statement to get someone to make an immediate action which will benefit both you and your business. 

Why would you need to use a CTA? Because it gets website visitors doing something you want them to do, and it makes life easier for them. Yes, this sounds weird. But by removing the need to think, you are reducing the likelihood of them doing something you don't want: like leaving your site and visiting your competitor's site instead.

Read the article here.

Defining & Promoting Your Unique Selling Point 

What is your business' unique selling point or USP? Also called unique selling proposition, your USP is what which make your business' products or services better than those of your competition. Having an identified unique selling point helps you successfully target your business to your target market. 

Today we're going to explain how to define your USP, and then promote it to maximise your sales.

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Guide to Pricing Your Products 

You're at the stage where you need to price your products, but how exactly is this done? Pricing is one of the hardest things business owners face: too low and you won't make any money and too high, and you won't sell any. 

We'll share with you some common pricing strategies, along with some misconceptions regarding pricing you should avoid following. 

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How to Set Your Wholesale Pricing for Handmade Products 

As a product reseller, it's important that you set your wholesale pricing strategy at a level which is fair for both you and your resellers. The wholesale price of your products needs to cover you for what the materials cost you, any other overhead costs, your time and make you a profit. 

Today we discuss how to calculate a wholesale price for your handmade products which works for everyone.

Managing Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media is a necessity for businesses nowadays. Unfortunately, it's not always a positive experience for everyone. Negativity on social media is real and can have serious impacts upon a business, it's employees and owners. While you can't stop it, you can choose how you manage it. 

We asked members of our online networking group for their suggestions on ways to manage social media negativity, which we're sharing today. 

Read the article here.   Join our networking group here.

Posted: Wed 22 May 2019