WebWidgets May Newsletter

In this issue of WebWidgets News, May 2007

  • Albie's new mobile number - 021 968 610
  • Reuben away 7th May - 12 June
  • Changing hosting plans and viewing your account history
  • Websites of the month

Albie's new mobile phone number

Alibe has a new mobile phone number - 021 968 610.

Reuben away 7th May 

Reuben will be away on business/holiday from 7th May to 12th June.  Please contact Emma or Albie directly in his absence.

Major Ecommerce Updates

- Promotional Codes and Discounts
If a customer spends more than X, offer them a discount of Y% of $Z ,
Promotional codes are optional, so you can give automatic discounts, or only give discounts to those with the promotional code.   You can find this in the vouchers area.
- In the View Orders area, more details about the vouchers, discounts, freight and tax are displayed if applicable. Paid date and CC auth codes have been merged into one column. Currencies are now shown.
- For those merchants who only specified a domestic currency, but have offered international destinations, the Currency will now stick in the database.
- Balances brought/forward... soon your members will be able to preload their accounts with balances that can be used later to make a purchase... or you can credit one member with a balance they can use if they login.
- All totals are now calculated with completely new logic... they generate the same numbers as the old logic.  Totals are also now only calculated once, so if you change freight or discounts etc, they won't change in historical invoices if you change the rules.

Websites of the Month






Kind regards
Emma, Reuben and Albie
The WebWidgets Team

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007