April News 2018

We're now into April and as the colder weather approaches, staying warm inside while improving your website's SEO sounds like a great idea. In this newsletter, we're going to share some great SEO tips and some easy ways to increase your website sales, along with our usual new features and tips too: 

  • Site of the Month
  • Ways to Increase Your Website Sales
  • Website Migration
  • SEO Tips
  • System Updates
  • Training Webinars
  • Featured Support Videos
  • New Facebook Support Group
  • Win $4600 eCommerce Package
  • Professional website design options
  • Wordpress and PHP websites
  • Need training? 
  • 25% discount on hosting
  • Start your own business - reseller options
  • Cool links/system links
  • Websites of the month

Site of the Month

McKenzie House has built a crisp and easy to navigate website using Website World.At the top of their home page, there is a large revolving banner which shows photos of their products being used. Scroll down a little and you find a a short blurb about their business and a call to action button. Further down and there is a large gallery block showing their featured products.

The clean and crisp theme continues throughout their site, with good use of galleries and other photo blocks to demonstrate the quality of their products.

You can see their website here for more inspiration.

Increasing Your Website Sales

There are plenty of easy and quick ways you can help to increase your website sales. These include:

  • product photos
  • social proof
  • free freight
  • pricing
  • limited stock

Our article Free Freight & Other Tips To Increase Website Sales, explains in detail more about how each of these ways, plus share others with you too. Check it out here. 

Website Migration with Perfect SEO Link Juice

We can now import websites from most other CMS and shopping platforms, maintaining perfect SEO link juice and full replication of the existing template and content. 

The migration service takes a perfect snapshot of all SEO meta tags and URL filenames, ensuring that all pages are in the right place, and specifying the same SEO information, just as Google is used to seeing prior to migration. 

After migration, you can then use our SEO tools to manage your meta tags yourself, and further improve your google ranking, without worrying about implementing 301 redirects. That step is not necessary, as your site map has been maintained.

We are offering this as a free service too! To learn more about how this works, here are two articles for you to read:

SEO Tips

On page SEO is the easiest type of SEO for most people to do themselves. It includes things like:

  • the content you write for each page
  • the keywords you focus on
  • your meta title, description and file name
  • the type of headings you use

Let's investigate each of these a bit further.

Web Page Content

In general terms, the content for each page on your website should contain:

  • a minimum of 350-400 words
  • 100% unique content written for your target audience, which provides them with value and not just a sales push
  • headings - an h1 is automatically given to your page title by the CMS. You can manually add an h2 and h3 heading yourself by highlighting the heading and then clicking the drop down arrow when using the Tiny MCE 3.5.10 editor.
  • Include your keyword in your heading, title and sprinkled throughout the page copy to around 1-1.5% of the total text


This is a rather interesting one. Some say keywords are on the way out, others say they remain an essential part of SEO. In the meantime, using a keyword and it's synonyms is a good strategy to use. The key is not to overuse a keyword, as that is seen by Google as keyword spamming and will negatively affect your website. Instead use the keyword and it's synonyms sparingly and only where they fit naturally. Writing for your audience and not a search engine is essential!

Meta Tags

In the CMS under SEO, you have options to optimise the meta tags of your web pages, products and blogs. It looks like this:

Your meta title is the short sentence which sits in the tab at the top of your page when you have multiple pages open. It is also seen in the results of search engine results. Your description is the blurb which is seen under the meta title, which tells people about what is on that page and why they should visit it. The file name is the end part of your URL. Take a look at this example to see all three of these in action:

When it comes to writing your meta tags, here are some tips to help:

  • Your meta title should be short, descriptive and contain your keyword for that page. The keyword should be as close to the start of the title as it can be, but needs to be in a sentence and not a list of keywords. Eg: Plastic Dinosaur Toys for NZ Toddlers.
  • Your description can have up to 320 characters in it. This includes spaces, letters, numbers and symbols. Once again the keyword should be in the description as close to the start as you can. The description needs to be written in such a way it entices a visitor to your site, accurately describes what the page is about and includes a call to action. A call to action or CTA is when you tell someone what they should do next. Eg: Toddlers love our plastic dinosaur toys and parents do too! With their realistic skin and teeth, they're a firm favourite with any toddler, while their durability and non toxic plastic ensures parents know they are buying a safe and value for money pretend play toy. See our range for yourself now!
  • Your file name should also contain your keyword and be short and sharp.


Headings are different from your page title. A heading can be found anywhere within a page or a blog. Headings are used to help break your page up into manageable chunks, make it easier to read and highlight important parts of the text. In the CMS, your heading can also be given a heading tag by you according to how important the heading is. An H1 (heading 1) is automatically done by the CMS and this tells search engines this is the most important title on that page. Research has shown that you should only ever have one H1 per page, with an H2 and H3 being the main ones you should use.

To allocate an H tag to a heading on a blog, highlight the heading, click the top drop down box which says 'paragraph' and select the heading you want. Here is a screenshot of that:

To select a heading on a page or a newsletter when you are in the Innova Drag editor mode, highlight the heading and then click on the H on the options bar on the left of the screen. Choose the size heading you want. If you are using the Tiny MCE 3.5.10 editor, you follow the same method as you would if it was a blog page. Here is what it looks like with the Innova Drag editor:

System Updates

  • New URL Redirection Service in SEO tab
  • Member image wizard area for members who contribute content.
  • Drag and drop images into any image upload field.
  • New website migration tools
  • Image Wizard edited to improve large image upload capability

Training Webinars 

  • Web Design Training
  • E-Commerce Training
  • Booking Systems and Appointment Scheduling

Featured Support Videos

Andrew has been busy making new support videos


Facebook Support Group

Would you like to network with other Website World customers? And get access to general business support from other customers, as well as Q&A with our web designers and resellers? 

Join New Facebook Group

Also, if you have had a positive experience using Website World, we would love it if you could post a review on our Facebook wall


Win $4600 Ecommerce Package

We have an awesome prize for you to win. 

- Premium business grade SSL web hosting for (1 year)

- Professional web design or makeover  (20 hours)

- Ecommerce website configuration (7 hours)

- Search engine optimisation (3 hours)

Enter Competition

Winner of December 2018 draw: Cats n Clover

Our next competition will be drawn in May 2018. 

But wait, there's more. If you are the referrer of the winning customer, then you will win 1 years free web hosting. 

Please share this link where your friends can setup their own trial website. So long as they have a trial website and remain subscribed to our newsletter, then they will go into win, and you will win 1 years free web hosting if one of your affiliate customers wins the big prize. 

Referral Competition Entry Link:  https://www.website.world/Win-Free-Ecommerce-Website-Competition.html?aid=[MBR_ID]

Need Professional Help?  

There are professional web designers all over New Zealand and the world who can help you customise your website design. Our in house team can offer a tidy up of your website for just $100+GST. Or contact any of our listed web designers for a full website design or makeover quote.  No matter who you use for your website design, your website remains powered by our awesome content management system, so you can easily make updates to your website long term.

WordPress / PHP (Super Fast) Hosting Available

We can now host PHP and WordPress websites on our new and improved PHP web servers, with a target of 5% CPU usage, leaving 95% spare capacity to ensure your websites load quickly at all times.   

Our PHP servers are load balanced, with MultiAZ database fault tolerance, to provide maximum up time. All PHP websites get a free SSL certificate and free https hosting. We support the latest version of Wordpress 4.8 running on PHP7. The hosting fees are the same as websites built and hosted on our CMS powered platform.

Learn more about our PHP Hosting 

Need Website Builder Training?

There are several training options

Receive a 25% discount off your web hosting, by referring a friend 

Did you know that if you refer a friend to use our awesome website builder service, you get a 25% discount off your hosting? If you refer 4 friends, then you will essentially get your web hosting for free! Not only that, but your friends will also get their 2nd month web hosting absolutely free. That's a nice little encouragement for them to check our service out and gives us the opportunity to setup your discount. Both discounts apply for your 2nd and subsequent websites also. It doesn't matter if it is yours, a friend, family or a stranger. Discounts begin once both websites are live. Please make sure you or your friend communicates the referral at the earliest opportunity. 

More information about affiliates here

Reseller Options 

We have an awesome new offer for web designers and awesome business networkers. We can setup any web designer who is interested with all they need to get started as a web designer at no cost:

  • There are no setup fees, no contracts to sign.
  • You will earn $2+ on every domain name sold (based on RRP $19 per year). 
  • You will earn (25%-50%) commission on hosting 
  • You can manage all your customers content, domains, emails etc, easily from just 1 login.
  • We take care of all the billing arrangements, so no administrative hassle. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested, point them at our reseller page. We'll offer a $100 finders fee commission for any existing customer who finds us a new reseller who set's up 3+ live websites in the reseller's first 3 months. 

More information on reselling here

Need Help! is at hand...

There are several places you can find answers to questions about how to build your website and add features (which, there are a lot of) and its free for you to look:

If you can't find the answer you need - then get you can Contact - Web Designers or lodge a Support ticket

Cool links

All those links and more at our new toolbox page: 

More Cool Links

View more example websites


Please contact us for more information. 

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